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Weekly Update January 8th

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Teacher Absences

There may be times when your child’s teacher must be absent due to illness or other reasons. When this happens, we do our best to ensure a supply teacher is assigned to cover the class for the day.  Unfortunately, due to ongoing demands across our school district, supply teachers are not always available to cover every absence on any given day.

When a supply teacher is assigned, they will take attendance in the morning, and again after lunch, as per our usual practice. Your child will work on the asynchronous activities that have been posted in D2L, and the supply teacher will be available to answer questions and support students through these activities.

If a supply teacher is not available, your child will work on the asynchronous activities posted on D2L.

Regardless of whether a supply teacher has been assigned to cover the classroom teacher’s absence, your child’s Core French/Social Studies/Arts class will proceed and the FSL/PTM/Arts teacher will be online to provide synchronous instruction, as scheduled.

We will communicate with parents and guardians when a classroom teacher is absent, and let you know if a supply teacher has been assigned.  

Thank you for your ongoing flexibility, support and understanding during this period of remote learning.

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The St Clare of Assisi Math Challenge is back for 2022!

Students, click on the appropriate link below to see the question for your division. Write, type, or snap a picture of your answer and explanation and post it on the online board by Friday morning for a chance to be next week’s winner! Be sure to include your first name, the initial of your last name, and your class code with your answer.

New Math Challenge questions have already been posted.

Primary Math Challenge: Link: Primary Math Challenge

Junior Math Challenge: Link: Junior Math Challenge

Intermediate Math Challenge: Link: Intermediate Math Challenge

Change in Learning Environment

Information regarding changing your child’s learning environment from St Clare of Assisi to in-person learning or vise versa, went out to parents this week. Please note, if you do request a change of learning environment to a face-to-face learning environment, your child will be demitted from St Clare of Assisi and registered at your local HCDSB Catholic Elementary School.  Unlike last year, where students maintained an association with their local HCDSB school when they were with the Virtual School, each school is now a separate entity.

If you are interested in changing your child’s learning environment, the deadline to apply is January 14th and more information can be found here.

We wish our families a safe weekend and encourage our families to check our board website for any important updates!

Advanced New Registrations for 2022-2023 School Year

To facilitate planning for the 2022-2023 school year, we encourage all families intending to register new children at at St Clare of Assisi (including Kindergarten registrations) to follow the guideline posted on the front page of our website: New Registrations 2022-23 School Year. Online registrations are now open. Once you’ve registered online, the office will contact you for further instructions to complete your registration.

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Promoting Well-Being – Take 15 minutes just for you and your spiritual health…

Spiritual wellness is about connecting with what is meaningful to you in a way that lightens or enriches your spirit.  “Research shows that spirituality is linked with physical well-being, and spiritual wellness can bring comfort and lend strength for handling life’s challenges,” says Tara McKendrick, CEO of CMHA Niagara. “Try exploring radical self-compassion, perhaps through learning simple meditation techniques that provide your mind a rest from doing.”

Other ways to enhance your spiritual wellness include:

  • Spending even 15 minutes per day outdoors in nature can be beneficial.
  • Creativity can be an effective tool for enhancing our spiritual growth and help us to express our emotions. Try painting, drawing, writing, poetry, knitting, or practicing a musical instrument.
  • Write down three things that you are grateful for and why. Or take the time reach out to people that you love and tell them you appreciate them.


We continue to draw on our faith and offer prayers for the safety and well-being of those who are sick, and those who are working on the frontlines to care for them.  

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