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Dear Grade 8 Students,

Your last two years at St. Vincent have been a unique experience; creating new challenges for you yet you still succeeded in reaching your goal of becoming a Grade 8 graduate!

Each new school year promises new opportunities for learning and growing together in our faith, and this year was no different. You had to transition between face-to-face and remote learning various times throughout the school year. I have watched you grow socially, emotionally and spiritually these past few years, and know you will experience many new and valuable experiences throughout your continued educational journey.

I hope that you will look back fondly on the 2020-2021 school year. Remember the many wonderful times we had together and how much we learned from, and about each other. I know you enjoy sports, the arts and playing Kahoot! Seeing you demonstrate the Catholic Graduate Expectation of becoming Self-Directed, Responsible, Life-Long Learners during my time as principal at St. Vincent has been a memory I will cherish.

I extend my warmest wishes as you complete your elementary years and look toward your future. You have learned much and grown greatly. May God guide and direct you to a blessed future.

Most sincerely,

Ms. P. Uniacke
Principal, St. Vincent Catholic Elementary School

“What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.”
– Hans Urs von Balthasar

St. Vincent Catholic School – Class of 2021

  • Dean A.
  • Aidan A.
  • Keira B.
  • Tomas B.
  • Charlie B.
  • Colton D.
  • Griffin D.
  • Lindsay D.
  • Fernanda L.
  • Luciana E.
  • Dylan F.
  • Tess G.
  • Claudio G.
  • Nathan K.
  • Maggie K.
  • Reed L.
  • Brooke L.
  • Isabella M.
  • Spencer M.
  • Matthew M.
  • Monica M.
  • Ben M.
  • Gabriella M.
  • Noah M.
  • Michaela N.
  • Kennedy O.
  • Julia P.
  • Maja P.
  • Grace P.
  • John P.
  • Joseph P.
  • Owen R.
  • Isabella S.
  • Ben S.
  • Emanuele S.
  • Brighton T.
  • Luka V.
  • Atara W.
  • Oscar Z.
De Franco, RobClass of 2021