About Our School

St. Vincent Catholic School 

The first St. Vincent School Board was formed at the request of St. Andrew’s Church pastor, Monsignor Priester, in 1959.  The children in the east part of the parish had been attending St. Mary’s School situated on what is now the parking lot of St. Andrew’s Church.  The Christian name of the Monsignor was Vincent, so that’s why the school was named St. Vincent after St. Vincent DePaul in recognition of Monsignor Priester.

Prior to 1962, the former Town of Oakville and the former Township of Trafalgar were seperate municipalities.  St. Vincent School was located in the Township of Trafalgar and was officially designated by the Ontario Department of Education as Roman Catholic School No. 22, Trafalgar.  Our school, along with St. James and St. Dominic were rural schools. Each had its own Board of three trustees and school section number.

The first members of St. Vincent School Board were John Bannon, Bud Corcoran, and Bernard Murphy.  Mr. Murphy also acted as Secretary-Treasurer.   The first Principal was Larry Loftus.

St. Vincent Catholic School officially opened in 1960 with six classrooms.  On January 1st, 1962, the former Town of Oakville and the former Town of Trafalgar were amalgamated into the new Town of Oakville.  All of the Catholic schools were transferred to the new Oakville Catholic School Board, an urban Board with eight members.

Though the building has undergone renovations in 1991 and again close to the turn of the century, the mandate of spiritual and academic excellence remains the same.  The staff and students of St. Vincent School are committed to continuing this rich tradition of Catholic education in southeast Oakville.

Our School Crest

The St. Vincent School Crest was created from the submissions of our incredibly talented and creative students.  The final crest you now see displayed on the banner for each page on this site is an amalgamation of three students’ submissions – Sophie N, Eric H, and Sean T.  Elements from each of their submissions is evident in the final crest.

The V and the cross are interwoven to represent the connection between school and church, pedagogy and faith.  The shield represents our strength as a Catholic community, and is a symbolic nod to our athletic teams – Vikings!

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