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Celebrating the Gift of Our Families

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At this time, the Halton Catholic District School Board would like to celebrate the gift of our families. If this event has taught us anything, it is how interconnected we are and dependant on one another. Our faith tradition is of great inspiration and offers us an opportunity to put things into perspective. Let us not lose sight of what is most important during this challenging time.

For just as the body is one and has many members,
and all the members of the body, though many,
are one body, so it is with Christ.

1 Cor 12.12

We aim to support our students and families to stay safe, be healthy and care for one another. Learning is a natural, organic experience that happens daily. Parents and families are encouraged to enjoy the time spent,
creating moments and memories that will last a lifetime most especially during this difficult situation.

Here are ways to integrate faith into your daily routine and continue through the season of Lent and into the joy of Easter.


Start and end your days with prayer. It can be one of our many common prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary or Glory Be or you might ask one of your children to create a prayer for your family, community and the
world. Here is website from the Irish Jesuits that offers a daily prayer. The prayer is available in a number of languages.


Please take a look at the Diocese of Hamilton website for information from His Excellency, Bishop Crosby. Rituals help us make sense of the world and are an important part of our Catholic faith. What types of rituals can
you start in your home to support your family? If you don’t already have a sacred space – create one. A candle, a cross, a bible, a white cloth with a purple ribbon will suffice. Add a small bowl for prayers or petitions. Use this space as a reminder of what is important to you and your family. Go out on a nature walk and collect something to remind you of the environment and beauty of nature.


What does it mean for your family to be in the season of Lent? How are you praying, fasting and almsgiving? There are many communities that require your assistance. What are some creative ways you can support them?

Family routines are important! A routine brings comfort and consistency to a child’s life. Knowing what to expect can reduce a child’s stress and anxiety.

Here is an example of a Daily Routine that your family may find useful during this time at home. A variety of optional activities are provided below.

Dear God,
We ask you to be with us today and always and most especially during this time. Bless our family and the families around the world to stay happy and healthy and well. AMEN

Higher Number Math Game from Doing Math with Your Child p.9


Go for a walk and look for birds. Describe the birds you see (size, colour, shape, beak).
How many different birds did we see?

Read a story. Stop and share what you think is going to happen next with your child(ren).
Continue reading and stop again to ask your child(ren) what they think is going to happen next and what makes them think that. See if their predictions were the same as the author’s. Ask your child(ren) to draw a picture of their favourite part of the story.
Draw a picture of the birds you saw on your walk. Label the picture or write about it.
For older kids, read for 20 minutes and have a book talk with a friend or family member. Discuss your favourite character and why they are your favourite.

Puzzles, Building, Drawing


With young children play a rhyming game where you rhyme real words and nonsense words or sing Down By the Bay together.
With older children, play a word game like Word Ladders or a crossword puzzle.

Dance together to a dance video for kids.

Ask children to email a family member or friend and let them know about your day. Or write a letter that you can mail to someone.

Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of today. Help all those who are sick, alone or anxious. Support all those in the world helping to keep people well. Be with us and guide us. We ask this through Jesus Christ. AMEN

Here are some examples of the optional activities that families may choose to do with their children as part of their daily routine.

Religion and Family Life



Fun with Math – Math Learning



Great Outdoors and Movement Breaks

Language Learning



  • Read a book. Talk about the book. Draw a picture about the story.
  • Find letters you know. Find the letters in your name.
  • Write a short story with your child using the day’s events or their imagination.
  • Share books with family members through video chat.


  • Read a book. Talk about the book.
  • Draw a picture about the story. Write about your picture.
  • Write a short story with your child using the day’s events or their imagination.
  • Share books with family members through video chat.


  • Encourage your child to write a short story using the day’s events or their imagination for a family member.
  • Share books with family members through video chat.


  • Choose a song without lyrics. Let the rhythm inspire the form and content of the story. How do the instruments become different characters? How do breaks and pauses in the song affect the plot?
  • Take a walk around the neighbourhood. Notice the smells, the plants, the people – use the things you see on your walk to inspire a piece of writing.
  • Read a book/magazine/newspaper/blog with your child. Talk about what’s happening, characters/people they can/can’t relate to, choices the author made that they found realistic, whether they do or don’t like the piece of writing, and why!

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