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Christmas Update — December 17th, 2021

A little smile, a word of cheer.  A bit of love from someone near.  A little gift from one held dear.  Best wishes for the coming year!

Christmas Cheer at St. Timothy’s

We wish to express our thanks for your participation in last night’s Kahoot! Family Trivia Night.  Special thanks to Mrs. Maxwell for her donation of cookie prize boxes for the winners: the Furlong family, the Rutkowski family, the Papagianis family, the DeMeester family, and the Gallagher family. We hope a good time was had by all and appreciated the support!

We are also so appreciative of your contributions to our Advent Outreach initiatives.  We raised $5155.00 through our Gift Card Blitz and were able to support numerous local families through your generosity.  Three carloads of canned goods and toiletries were delivered to the Compassion Society this morning.  Special thank you to our Council and to Mrs. Guerrero, Mrs. Story and Mrs. Casey for organizing this initiative.  Finally, our Kindergarten classes presented over TEAMs to our local Seniors while several students prepared cards and crafts to spread cheer, reminded that giving back to the community is not only through almsgiving, but also, by sharing one’s time and talents.  A special shout out to Mrs. Arnold for organizing this initiative.

Today, we are enjoying our “Christmas cozies” day and look forward to the “Staff V Students” Volleyball game at lunch which will be broadcast to all classes through a TEAMs link.  Special thanks to our Co-op student, Josh C. for organizing the teams.  Later, we will enjoy our Virtual Christmas Concert together while students nibble on their Christmas cookie treat from the Catholic School Council.  We hope that as a family, you too will enjoy our Virtual Christmas Concert.  Please remember that this is not a professional production, but rather a gift for you to enjoy & cherish!  Special thanks to our Co-op student, Jocelyn L. for her tech support. Enjoy!

*Please note that, in our continued efforts to protect and respect student privacy, our link will be shared directly with parents through the School Messenger System, and posted within teacher D2L Platforms, but not posted on our website nor tweeted out. 

Rapid Antigen Screening Kit

All students have been provided with a Rapid Antigen Screening Kit for voluntary use over the Christmas holiday.

The rapid antigen screening kits have been provided by the Government of Ontario for every student who attends in-person learning at a publicly funded school. These kits may be used by any student, regardless of their vaccination status, however, should only be used when a child is asymptomatic (does not have any symptoms of COVID-19) and has not had any exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Please note, your child’s participation in this rapid antigen screening is voluntary and is not a required action for return to school after the Christmas break.

If you choose to use the rapid antigen screening kit, please read the instructions first.

While providing students with rapid antigen screening kits is an important tool for managing the spread of COVID-19, vaccination remains the most effective protection against the virus and its variants. Ensuring that children and youth are vaccinated will provide them with a strong level of protection and help to keep schools open and as safe as possible.

It also is important to remember that we all need to continue to follow key public health strategies that have been effective in keeping this pandemic under control, including staying home when sick, getting tested if you have symptoms, washing your hands frequently and wearing a face covering (mask), as required.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we work closely with the Ministry of Education and Halton Public Health to keep our community safe and healthy for all.

Winter Travel

With the holiday season approaching, it is anticipated that many staff, students and families will choose to make travel plans over the break. We would like to remind families to follow federal directives related to international travel and quarantine requirements

St. Timothy Tips:

In this Fourth Week of Advent, our final days of preparation before Christmas, we ask Christ to forgive us for our sins and, through His grace, to create us anew when He comes.  In our Closing Liturgy today, we pray that the birth of our Saviour renews our faith and invigorates our call to love and care for one another.

Christmas Blessing:

May the blessing of joy abide WITHIN you…
May the blessing of peace rest UPON you…
May the blessing of love flow out THROUGH you…
May all the blessings of the Lord be yours at Christmas and in the New Year.

On behalf of the staff of St. Timothy Catholic School we wish all our students, parents, guardians, and school community a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!  God bless you all!

Anna Marie Toltl/ Susan Jack
Principal/Vice Principal


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Toltl, Anna MarieChristmas Update — December 17th, 2021