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Weekly Update: September 21, 2020

Our Hearts are filled with Gratitude

A big thank you to our parents, students and staff for working together to ensure a safe start to our school year. We are so grateful to all of you– what wonderful role models you are for our students and each other. We appreciated your patience  as we navigated so many changes and new routines. We appreciated how so many of you were wearing masks – and a gentle reminder for all parents that when on school property we would really appreciate it if you please wear your mask.

Our students did an awesome job at following our new rules and routines. We were especially proud of them for wearing their masks while in class and never complaining! We look forward to journeying together as we make history in 2020.

Updated Covid 19 Symptoms/Exposure Protocol/DAILY  SELF SCREENING

We continue to look to Halton Region Public Health and the Government for updates regarding the safety of our staff and students.  This week there have been some changes and they are described here on our Board website:

Specifically, on September 16th 2020, the Ontario Government released a new Covid 19 Self-Assessment tool for Schools. All Staff and parents are asked to complete this new Self-Assessment tool each day before school.

Minimized Allergen Environment (NUT FREE):

Many students in our school have life-threatening allergies (anaphylaxis) and we do everything we can here at the school to keep them safe. One of the strategies we use to help keep our students safe is to remind parents, guardians and caregivers to kindly ensure that you send your child to school with peanut-free/nut-free food products to school.  This includes look-a-like products to peanut butter.  These products claim to be so close in smell, taste and texture to peanut butter, that it is nearly impossible for students and staff to distinguish between a look-a-like product and authentic peanut butter.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the look-a-like products at home and preventing a mix-up of the two products, where the results could be life-threatening. For this same reason, we cannot accept treats for birthdays or celebrations (for all students) and monitor this very closely. Please take a moment to discuss this with your children, reminding them of the importance of not sharing food items and letting staff know if they have any concerns.

Bus Transportation and Kiss & Ride:
Bus transportation for students started this past Monday, September 13th. It was mandated that seating plans be created, based on families and cohorts (where possible) and must remain in tact. We are working with our students and our bus provider to support this safety measure for our students. A reminder to everyone, that our Kiss & Ride is in effect and we thank all families in supporting our staff to ensure that students exit their vehicles and go directly into school.  A gentle reminder that if a parent is out of their vehicle and on school property they need to wear a mask.
Safe Arrival Program:
It is essential that all absences are reported to the office in a timely manner. Please enter/report all student absences moving forward using School Messenger (details below), which is our only reporting system. As per board procedures, Halton Regional Police must be called after many attempts have been made to determine student whereabouts, to ensure their safety. Please continue to follow our established procedures around student safe arrival. Keeping our students safe and knowing where they are when not present is paramount. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the school. Continued thanks to Ms. Griffioen & Mrs. Shaw for their commitment to ensuring the safety of our students each day. Signing Up/Logging Into School Messenger – Please ensure you use the same email address as we have in our system when signing up/ logging in.  1.) using the convenient SchoolMessenger® mobile app 2.) by logging into the SchoolMessenger®  website 3.) by calling into an interactive toll-free phone line (1-844-445-4505)

Catholic School Council

Our first Catholic School Council meeting will take place this year on Monday October 5th beginning at 6:30pm via Microsoft Teams. We thank all our family volunteers for their support in giving of their time for this important work.

Our council members for the 2020- 2021 school year are:

  • Luke Lillicrop – Community Representative
  • Sandra Nelson – Parish Representative
  • Rob Froom – Non-Catholic Parent Member
  • Donna O’Connor – Non-Catholic Parent Member
  • Debbie Cheratas – Catholic Parent Member
  • Bill Papagianis – Catholic Parent Member
  • Marysia Papagianis – Catholic Parent Member
  • Sabrina McSkimming – Catholic Parent Member
  • Maame Plaumann – Catholic Parent Member
  • Danielle Good – Catholic Parent Member
  • Jason Costello – Catholic Parent Member
  • Alison Whyte – Catholic Parent Member
  • Christine Curtis – Catholic Parent Member
  • Carolyn Kiss – Non Teaching Rep
  • Terri Martin – Teaching Rep

Family Consent Forms

A September package was sent home with your child this past week. These packages include important information, consent forms for your child to participate in our Physical Education program, Family Consent Forms, and Student Verification Forms. Please read, sign, and return these forms to the classroom teachers by Friday, September 25th.


An update from our Parish Community regarding the Frist Communion Masses.  The First Communion Masses that were postponed last Spring are tentatively being rescheduled for the last week of September. Logistics are being worked out at the Church to hold these Masses within the new Covid safety guidelines. We will keep you updated as soon as things firm up with the parish.  If you have any specific questions, please contact St. Paul’s Parish.

Orange Shirt Day- September 30

In honour of the Halton Catholic District School Board’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, Orange Shirt Day will be observed on September 30, 2020.  Orange shirt day is an annual event, serving as a visual reminder of our shared past as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.  It provides us all with an opportunity for dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in shaping our shared future.

Please join us in wearing Orange shirts on September 30th, 2020!

Gentle Reminders

To help us limit movement in our school we ask you to please keep the following items in mind. Please ensure that students have all the things they need at school including; lunches, cutlery and school items in their backpacks.

If a student needs to leave the building for an appointment or lunch, please ensure that they have a second Covid screening before entering the building.

Gojmerac, AnnieWeekly Update: September 21, 2020