About Our School

Mother Teresa School Mission Statement

Humbled with many gifts, we strive through prayers and actions to serve as modeled by Mother Teresa. Together with home and parish, we nurture academic excellence and individual growth in a safe and peaceful learning environment.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta – Our School’s Patron Born in Skopje, a city in a part of the former Yugoslavia now called Macedonia, the woman, known to many in the world simply as “Mother,” is the founder of the order of Catholic religious called the Missionaries of Charity.

Principal’s Message to Students

Students in this school are here to learn about and to live like Jesus Christ. Second, students in this school are here to learn about and use their gifts and talents to benefit others whether in the school, family, Parish, or community. This is how we follow the example of our patron, Mother Teresa and make this a special place

This becomes a special place when we give the Lord:

Our hands to do his work;

Our feet to go His way;

Our eyes to see as He does;

Our tongue to speak His words;

Our minds so that He may think in us;

Our spirits so that He may pray in us;

Our hearts so that He may love in us; and

Our whole selves so that He may grow in us.


Here at Mother Teresa School we are reminded daily and expected to follow our four agreements;

  1. Continue to be kind
  2. Continue to show respect
  3. Continue to play safe
  4. Be attentive listeners
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