About Our School Council

The Catholic Parent School Council is an advisory body, which provides advice to the Principal & Vice-Principal and where appropriate, to the School Board.

Our goal is to support the administration and staff in realizing academic, athletic and emotional  excellence as well as individual growth of the students of Mother Teresa Catholic School.

All parents are welcome to our council meetings.

You do not need to be on the council/ committee member to attend. Meeting times are usually included on the school calendar or will be communicated either by email or on the school sign.

Our Catholic Parent School Council is able to provide such support by establishing committees. Each person on Council holds a key position as head of the following committees:

* Chair

* Secretary

* Treasurer

* Communication Rep

* Liturgical / Parish Rep

* Landscaping Rep

* Outreach Rep

* Hospitality Rep

* Pizza Rep

* Social Rep

* Fundraising Rep

* Non-Teaching Rep

* Teacher Rep

Election Information:

All parents/guardians with a valid police check are welcome to join Council. Positions will be determined (either voted or acclaimed) at our first Council meeting which takes place in the first couple of weeks upon returning for the new school year.

Council Meetings

Meetings will typically alternate between morning and evening so as to accommodate everyone’s schedule. We will have a minimum of 4 meetings this year.  Our meetings for the 2016/2017 school year will be determined after the first council meeting and will be communicated via email, the school sign as well as the school website.

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