Safe Schools

St. Scholastica School is committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment for its students and staff. There are several policies and protocols in place to ensure your child’s safety and wellness while attending school. Please see below to familiarize yourself with our various guidelines and procedures.

School Security/Visitor Protocol

All elementary schools in the HCDSB have implemented the front door buzzer and security camera protocol. In order to gain entry to the school during the regular school day, we require that visitors and volunteers enter through the main doors of the school by buzzing into the office, whereupon you will be asked your name and reason for your visit. Office staff will then activate the door and permit your access. We ask that you proceed to the office to sign in and collect a visitor’s badge.

Please note that signing in does not provide general admission to visit classrooms or other school locations. Such permission is obtained through a teacher and/or school administration.


Volunteers are required to have on file at the school a current Criminal Reference Check with a Vulnerable Sector Screening before they can volunteer at any school. If you have a Criminal Reference Check on file, you are required to fill out and sign a Declaration on an annual basis.

Fire Safety

Bright yellow signs in all areas of the school indicate the closest and alternate exits in case of a fire. There will be three fire drills held in the fall term and three in the spring term. Students will leave the building as instructed following an Emergency Evacuation Plan approved by the Town of Milton Fire Department. Your child must wear shoes at all times while in the school so that in the event that the school must be evacuated their feet will be protected.

Lock Down

St. Scholastica School has developed a Lock Dock/Hold and Secure Procedure that is practiced twice per year – once in the fall and once in the spring. The students remain in an instructional area until lock down is completed and the location and safety of all students is verified. Lock down means that there is eminent danger in the vicinity. It means there is a person(s) in the school area that may be a threat to the safety of children, teachers and persons inside the school.  During a Hold and Secure situation, the business of the regular school day can operate, however, students are not permitted to go outside of the school nor are visitors permitted to enter.

School Emergency Closure

When emergency conditions exist, such as inclement weather, school plant shutdown due to heating failure, etc., the health and safety of our children is our prime consideration. Notification of school closure during winter storms, etc. will be on the Halton Catholic District School Board website (, HSTS website ( and by television/radio commencing at 6:30 a.m. on the following media outlets:

CHCH TV Morning Show          CITY TC/CP24          CHFI (98.1 FM)          Y108 (107.9)          Fresh FM (95.3 FM)          Virgin Radio (99.9)

KLITE FM (102.9 FM)                CLASSICAL 96.3      EASY ROCK 97.3       CBC Radio 2 (99.1 FM)          CIMJ (106.1 FM)

CFRB (1010 AM)                        CHML (900 AM)       CJOY (1460 AM)       680NEWS (680 AM)               CKOC (1150 AM)


If for some reason there is an early school closing, your child will be dismissed in the manner you have indicated on the Emergency School Closure Form. If you do NOT submit an Emergency School Closure Form to the school, your child will not be released until you arrive.


We cannot dispense medication of any kind unless we have signed authorization by the parent, directions to be followed, and medication provided in a properly labelled container stored in a clear zip-lock bag. For safety reasons, students should not have medication at school without following the above outlined procedures. Should your child require medication to be administered at school, please contact the office for the appropriate forms. The only exception to this requirement is for children who must carry medication because of life-threatening allergies (see below).

Life-Threatening Medical Concerns

Parents and caregivers of children with life-threatening medical concerns/allergies, such as Anaphylaxis, Allergies, Diabetes and Asthma are reminded that in order to provide a safe environment for your child, we must receive updated and accurate medical information. Please notify the school and complete/update an Emergency Medications Protocol prior to September and return it to the school as soon as possible. Forms will be provided to you from the office and will be distributed as per the HCDSB protocol. For any other medical complications, request the appropriate form from the office.

We’d also like to remind parents to send peanut-free/nut-free food products to school with your children to provide a “minimized Allergen Environment” for all students, particularly those with anaphylaxis (a life-threatening medical condition that can result in death in minutes). For this same reason, we do not allow treats for birthdays or celebrations and monitor this very closely. We also do not allow any food or drinks on the playground for the protection of all children, especially those with allergies to bees.

REMINDER: All medications not required for the treatment of life threatening conditions (ex. Epi-Pens, Inhalers etc.) must be secured in the main office.  

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