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Teacher Line Up Locations for Sept. 7th and 8th

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our first two days of school are here/almost here for our Grade 1-8 Students!

A reminder that only our Grade 1-8 students with the surname/last name that begins with the letters A through K will be coming to school today, Tuesday, September 7th.  Any Grade 1-8 student with a surname that begins with the letters L-Z will have their first day of school tomorrow, Wednesday, September 8th.  

We are aware that the HCDSB’s most recent migration of information to a new Student Information System has made the checking of your child’s class placement a little more difficult this year than in the past.  We appreciate your patience as we work through all of the issues with this new system.  Rest assured, that if you were not able to get in to check your child’s class placement information, we will have many staff out on the yard both this morning and tomorrow morning who will be able to help.  

If you do know your child’s teacher’s name, the chart below indicates their classroom line up location.  These line up locations will be used daily when your child arrives at school.  When students enter the yard anytime between 8:55am and 9:10am daily before the start of the school day, they will immediately go to these line up locations.  The number associated with your child’s line up location is painted on the pavement right around the area where our black top ends and our field area begins.  If your child is in intermediate and has been assigned a line up “letter,” these letters (A through D) are located on the east side of our pavement area.  Today and tomorrow we will be using these line up locations to help students and parents locate this year’s teacher.  Please click on the link below for the chart with morning line up locations.    

Grade 1-8 Morning Line Up Locations.pdf 

We look forward to seeing the Grade 1-8 students with surnames that begin with the letters A-K this morning!

Yours in Partnership,

Mrs. E. Sweeney-Hurd: Principal Mr. D. Cochrane: Vice Principal

Cochrane, DarrenTeacher Line Up Locations for Sept. 7th and 8th