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Lunch Time Supervisors

Dear St. Scholastica Parents,

We are happy to report that we had a very successful first day of school with the first half of our Grade 1-8 students.  We look forward to welcoming our Grade 1-8 students with surnames that begin with the letters M through Z tomorrow.  

The reason for this email is that we are looking for those who might be interested in applying for the position of a lunch time supervisor.  This person would be employed by the HCDSB and would be available to work from 12:25-1:25pm daily.  The rate of pay for this position is $14.44 per hour and would include five hours of work per week (1 hour a day/Monday through Friday).  

The candidate that is selected for this position must demonstrate:

– An ability to care for all children under their supervision 

– An understanding that the role is in service of a general population of students, not just their own children (or in their own child’s class)

Reliability (be at the work site Monday to Friday-5 days per week


– The ability to take direction and follow COVID protocols at all times

– A kind and helpful nature while serving the needs of the school

The successful applicant will be asked to produce a number of documents including an original criminal records check that is dated within the past six months.  

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send Mrs. Sweeney-Hurd (School Principal) an email which indicates the reasons that you wish to apply and also please list any past experiences that relate to this position.

Yours in Partnership,

Mrs. E. Sweeney-Hurd: Principal

Mr. D. Cochrane – Vice Principal

Cochrane, DarrenLunch Time Supervisors