Recess Play

Show Respect, Be Kind, PLAY SAFE, and Be an Attentive Listener… Our Four Catholic Agreements carry over into RECESS. Parents are asked to kindly review the following expectations with your child (children) in order to reinforce safety and fun for all.

Recess Expectations

  • Play in designated areas (e.g., not in gardens, bike racks, entrance/Ramp, or planters)
  • Hands and feet to self (e.g., no rough play such as play fighting/wrestling)
  • Seek adult assistance when needed for concerns/disagreements (e.g., rough play, safety concerns, equipment leaving yard)
  • Do not play where pylons have been placed
  • All snow stays on the ground
  • Snow hills are off limits at all times (e.g., before, during, and after school)
  • Ask teacher permission to come inside
  • Do not leave the yard. Ask for teacher assistance if recess equipment leaves the yard
  • Follow teacher directions when addressed outside for recess play or concerns
  • Dress appropriately before going out for recess
  • When the bell sounds proceed quickly to your lines and wait for teachers to escort you inside
  • Items not permitted outside for recess… technology, loose paper, snacks, pens, pencils, markers, chalk
  • Use recess equipment appropriately (e.g., basketballs for basketball nets and not soccer)
  • Always include everyone
  • Follow the rules of the game
  • Return recess equipment you brought out
  • Remember recess is supposed to be fun!

Please reinforce these expectations with the children in order to ensure we are having fun and playing safe!


Vigna, PatRecess Play