Child Care Renovation FAQ

What will the impact be on entrances and exits to the school due to construction?

All doors will be functional as emergency exits. Door 7 will be impacted, and will temporarily be unavailable as a regular entrance and exit to the school. Several other doors that were not previously utilized, will be used to replace door 7. No other doors will be impacted.

The kindergarten playground is currently under construction. When will that be available?

The kindergarten playground will be available for use for the first day of school.

The playground size has been reduced. Where will students play at recess?

The park behind the school has been permitted for use by the school. Additionally, the asphalt will be extended.

What are the impacts on the space inside of the school?

There are no impacts to the interior of the school, the construction is outside of the school.

How do we keep the children separate from the construction?

The construction is a fully enclosed zone, with their own entrance. The zone is full fenced. Access is not permitted into the zone (except by authorized personnel).

The bus loop in the front is currently closed, and access to the kindergarten playground. Will this be available?

The work will be completed before the start of school, providing full access to the bus loop, and the kindergarten playground.

The bike racks are currently in the construction zone, how will students access them?

They will be relocated outside of the construction zone to a suitable and safe location.

Gligoric, JulianaChild Care Renovation FAQ