About Our School

St. Peter Catholic School has existed in two separate locations over its almost 40 years of providing quality Catholic education to the students in north east Milton.  First opening in 1978 at the Woodward Avenue site, St. Peter Catholic School was the second Catholic school in Milton.  After thirty years and amidst an expanding population, a new building was constructed at our current site on Dixon Drive and opened in 2008.  Our new school boasted a beautifully designed building with a double gym, a large stage, computer lab, specialty classrooms and a beautiful library, filled with many of our old favourites, as well as new selections and technology.

We are so blessed to have a caring and nurturing staff who model our Catholic values and support the children, both spiritually and academically. We also have very active parent volunteers, and a dedicated Catholic School Council. We also appreciate the entire Pastoral team at Holy Rosary Parish, who provides guidance and dedication to the faith development of our students. We appreciate their assistance and the spiritual presence that they bring to our school community.

As we continue to move forward, St. Peter Catholic School will continue to foster community partnerships, and strong traditions that deepen as new children, parents, and staff continue to join in our school family. We celebrate and give thanks to all who participate in cultivating the close working relationship that exists between home, school and church.

Mission Statement

St. Peter Elementary School in active partnership with home, Church and community is dedicated to excellence in education exemplifying Catholic values and fostering a life-long love of learning in a safe environment leading to spiritual, social and intellectual growth.

St. Peter Catholic School Prayer

God, our Father

Creator of all good things

We thank you for the gift of this day,

For our family and friends,

And for this safe school to learn and play.

We thank you for St. Peter the Apostle,

Patron saint of our School,

Who is a rock in the Church and who holds

The keys to the kingdom of heaven.

We pray that we may follow in his humility,

And share in his strength of faith and love for Jesus.

We ask you to bless all who teach and learn.

We ask you to bless all who teach and learn.

Guide us as we grow in faith and love,

And give us the courage to be more like your Son Jesus.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.


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