About Our School Council

St. Peter Catholic School is proud to have a strong tradition of a high level of parent participation in a variety of activities and initiatives. This is accomplished with the assistance and support of the Catholic School Council. Our Catholic School Council exists to reflect community views on school priorities, curriculum directions, school/community initiatives and Board directions.  Council elections are held each September.  The Council is comprised of elected and appointed representatives of the school community.

The Catholic School Council consults with, advises and supports the school Principal in the following areas:

  • Catholicity
  • Volunteers
  • Fundraising
  • Safety & Wellness
  • Community Building
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Student Achievement & Curriculum
  • Ministry & Board Initiatives

Catholic School Council Meetings 2020 – 2021

Catholic School Council meetings take place virtually and begin at 6:30 pm.  Parents are always welcome to attend and join us!  Minutes of previous meetings can be found on the school website and are posted in the front foyer of the school.

St. Peter Catholic School Council 2020-21

  • Rocco Bellusci
  • Benny Coniglio
  • Amanda Costa
  • Gregory DaCosta
  • Louise Falcioni
  • Diane Ferreira
  • Kristin Ferreira
  • Rachelle Gebel
  • Jessica Macias
  • Marlow Moscoso
  • Gabriella Pacchione
  • Mae Protacio, Chair
  • Suzanne Pietrobon-Flynn
  • Denise Sidsworth
  • Sandra Venalainen
  • Carla Escalante Aguilar
  • Margaret McClelland
  • Blaine McCauley
  • Trevor Demeris
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