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Weekly Update – Week of September 3rd through 6th, 2019

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” ~ E. Roosevelt


We are excited to welcome everyone back to St. Peter CES for the 2019-2020 year! This is going to be a year filled with new learning, new adventures and new opportunities. We are grateful to all staff members that have worked diligently over the past week to prepare their classrooms for all the students.


As you know, on Friday, August 30th, 2019 student Class Placements were made available to St. Peter CES families. If you have not done so already, please go to the HCDSB website, click on schools and select St. Peter.

  1. Please visit:
  2. Click on Schools tab- School Listing
  3. Choose St. Peter
  4. Click on Class Placements
  5. Enter OEN # and click search

You will need to have your child’s OEN number (found on their June Report Card) in order to access this information. For new Year 1 – JK and Year 2 -SK families, your child’s placement will be shared when you come in for your interview with the teaching team on September 3rd or 4th, 2019.


On Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 Grade 1 – 8 classes will gather on the back pavement in designated areas. St. Peter CES staff members will be outside to welcome and assist students and parents/guardians with finding their teachers/classrooms.

On the first day of school, parents/guardians may wish to accompany your child(ren) on to the school yard to assist in finding students’ classroom line-up and first day butterflies. Chairs will be placed outside with different coloured balloons and teacher names to assist in finding your child’s class/teacher. Please see the colour coding chart below:

Grade 1 – WHITE

Grade 1/2 – WHITE &  PURPLE

Grade 2 – PURPLE

Grade 3 – YELLOW

Grade 4 – GREEN

Grade 4/5 – GREEN & ORANGE

Grade 5 – ORANGE

Grade 5/6 – RED ORANGE

Grade 6 – RED

Grade 7 – SILVER

Grade 7/8 – SILVER BLUE

Grade 8 – BLUE


As Grade 1 – 8 students begin their school year on Tuesday September 3rd, 2019 our Kindergarten students follow a different schedule. On Tuesday September 3rd and Wednesday September 4th, 2019 Kindergarten teams will be meeting with parents/guardians to allow them to get to know each other and the students.

On Thursday September 5th, 2019 ALL Year 2 Kindergarten students will start their school year full time with only half of First Year Kindergarten students, while the other half remains home. On Friday September 6th, 2019 Year 2 Kindergarten students attend school again but with the second half of First Year Kindergarten students as the students who attended school on Thursday remain home on Friday. This will be discussed further with you during the interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday.


If your children take the school bus to and from school, the Halton Student Transportation website is updated and you can access their bus route with their OEN number.


At St. Peter CES, school supervision begins at 8:50am and school entry takes place at 9:05am. For safety purposes, please ensure that your children leave home with ample time to arrive at school when the bell rings. Encourage your children to use appropriate crosswalks and walkways. Establish routines at home that will assist your child to arrive on time. Please be aware that the volume of traffic in the parking lot increases significantly just prior to the entry bell. Children arriving late for school must report to the Main Office for a late slip. Please remember that only staff members and students are allowed on school yard after 8:50am to ensure students’ safety.


Last fall, St. Peter CES moved to a new automated student attendance management system called SafeArrival, offered through SchoolMessenger®, the company that hosts our parent notification system.

The SafeArrival system is available 24/7, allowing you to report your child’s absence in one of three ways:

  1. using the SchoolMessenger® mobile app
  2. by logging into the SchoolMessenger®  web site
  3. by calling into an interactive toll-free phone line

Learn more about how to report your child’s absence.

Click on the FAQ for more information about how to use the new SafeArrival student attendance management system.

The safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority, and SafeArrival will enhance our existing student attendance procedure by making it more convenient for parents to report a child’s absence, and more efficient for our school office staff to follow up sooner on unexplained absences.


We will be providing a weekly update again this year that will be posted to the school website. The website will be updated frequently, including the ‘Announcements’ page, where we will share good news stories and important school updates. There is also a ‘Calendar’ on the school website that parents/guardians can be subscribed to so that notifications can be received as dates are added.


ISW is the uniform provider for our school board. Clothing from ISW is the expectation for all students. Jogging pants and legging are not considered uniform items, unless used for gym classes. Please contact your child’s teacher or the Main Office if you have any questions or if you need further information.


Our Curriculum Night has been scheduled for Thursday, September 12th, 2019 from 6:00 – 8:00pm. We will have a brief ‘meet and greet’ in the gymnasium after which classroom visits will follow. There will be three sessions of classroom visits again this year…more information to follow. We look forward to seeing all our families and coming together as a community to celebrate the exciting beginning of a new school year.


As another school year begins, we ask that all parents/guardians follow our parking lot expectations to keep staff members, students and parents safe. Please use the ‘Kiss and Ride’ for quick drop-offs only and use the parking spaces when walking children to their gates. Of note, we ask that you kindly not block our handicap spaces.


As you know, we have several children in our school who live with a severe life threatening food allergy such as peanuts and nuts (anaphylaxis). Please choose items carefully when sending lunches and snacks to school. Be extra vigilant to avoid sending those treats that contain nuts or traces of nuts. (REMINDER: Alternate “peanut butter” spreads are difficult to differentiate from the real product and make monitoring student safety a challenge. Please do not send “peanut butter” look-alike products to school). Thank you for your continued cooperation in ensuring the safety of our anaphylactic students.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the St. Peter CES Catholic School Council, nomination forms must be dropped off at the office by September 13th, 2019. If necessary, elections will be held for positions on September 23rd, 2019. Please see the link below for more information:

If you are not interested in Catholic School Council, there will be plenty of other opportunities for parents/guardians to volunteer for various committees and roles throughout the school year. If interested, please ensure that you hae an up to date Criminal Reference Check & Vulnerable Screening on file with the school. We greatly value all of our volunteers and look forward to working with new members as well as this year!


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Elementary PrincipalWeekly Update – Week of September 3rd through 6th, 2019