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Emergency Drills Complete – Term 1

The following message was sent via our School Messenger System on Friday February 1st, 2019:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are writing to inform you we have completed the required Emergency Drills for Term 1 at St. Peter CES.

Fire Evacuation drills were held on Thursday September 20th, 2018, Tuesday October 9th, 2018, and Friday September 19th, 2018. The drill on October 19th was completed in cooperation with the Milton Fire Department.

A Lockdown Drill was held on Monday December 3rd, 2018, and most recently, a Bomb Threat Drill was completed on Monday January 28th, 2019.

All drills were successful as both students and staff acted appropriately and according to our schools Emergency plans.

In accordance with Board Policy, we will be completing 3 more Fire drills, 1 Lockdown drill, and 1 Bomb Threat drill during Term 2 at St. Peter CES.

Your partners in Catholic education,

Mr. T. Demeris – Principal            Mr. C. Tilley – Vice-Principal

Tilley, ChristopherEmergency Drills Complete – Term 1