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St. Peter CES Advent Journey

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, a number of Advent events will be taking place at St. Peter CES during the month of December. Many of these events involve the anticipation of the birth of our Savior and ask us as Christian Catholics to be charitable; giving to those most in need during this season. Most appropriately, our Virtue of the Month at St. Peter for December is Charity.

Advent also is a time of prayer and reflection as we prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. Liturgies recognizing the weeks of Advent, as well as, our Advent Mass at Holy Rosary Parish will take place this month. In the classrooms, teachers will be busy educating our students about the significance and Church traditions surrounding Advent and the Christmas story. Within the school, a number of Spirit Days and special events have been scheduled to allow students to relish in the joy the Christmas season brings.

The events for the month are listed below and can also be found on our school website under the calendar feature:

Dec. 2nd: 1st Sunday of Advent – Hope
Dec. 3rd: Week 1 Advent Liturgy – Led by Mrs. Meehan’s & Mrs. Charles’ Grade 1 classes (9:30am)
Dec. 3rd: “Ari Angels of Hope” Toy Drive begins…
Dec. 7th: St. Peter “Helping Hands” Christmas Market takes place…
Dec. 7th: Spirit Day – Red & Green Day
Dec. 8th: Grade 7 students Celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation at Holy Rosary Parish (10:00am).  All are welcome to attend!
Dec. 8th: TEAM Unbreakable at 5K “Santa Run” – Spencer Smith Park, Burlington (9:00am)
Dec. 9th: 2nd Sunday of Advent – Love
Dec. 10th: Week 2 Advent Liturgy – Led by Mrs. Handley, Mrs. Donnison & Miss Handley’s Grade 4 classes (1:30pm)
Dec. 13th: Advent Mass at Holy Rosary Parish (10:00am).  All are welcome to attend!
Dec. 14th: Spirit Day – Wear an “Ugly” Christmas Sweater Day
Dec. 16th: 3rd Sunday of Advent – Joy
Dec. 19th:
Christmas Concerts – Primary: Grades. 1 – 3 (9:30am) & Junior: Grades 4 – 6 (1:30pm)
Dec. 19th: “Ari Angels of Hope” Toy Drive ends…
Dec. 21st: Spirit Day – “Dress Like An Elf” Day
Dec. 21st: Staff verus Student Volleyball Game
Dec. 21st: Early Dismissal (2:10pm)



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