About Our School Council

The Catholic School Council is the official advisory body to the school’s principal. Their respective duties include:

  • Developing, recommending and promoting activities which will enhance the quality of school programs
  • Improve the levels of student achievement
  • Enhance the accountability of the education system to parents

Elections, if required, are held each September. The Council is comprised of elected and appointed representatives of the school community. Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. in the school library. Dates will be posted in the monthly school calendar. All parents are welcome to attend!

2019-2020 School Council Members

  • Tenessa VanHeukelom – Chair
  • Rosanna Tamas  – Co-Chair
  • Michelle Greenway  – Secretary
  • Adriana Leal – Community Representative
  • Gina Vono – Parent Representative
  • Stephanie MacMillan  – Parent Representative
  • Lisa Milroy – Parent Representative
  • Michael Wilson – Parent Representative
  • Shane Moore – Parent Representative
  • Andreina Bordon – Parent Representative
  • Karolina Greaves – Parent Representative
  • Karen McGregor – Parish Representative
  • Cathy Kirin – OAPCE Parent Representative
  • Becky Nield – Parent Representative
  • Maria Cianciosi – Support Staff Representative
  • Gregory Santarelli – Teacher Representative
  • Nelson Costa – Principal


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