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St. Paul Weekly Update February 10-14

Dear St. Paul CES Families,

We have almost reached our Jump Rope for Heart fundraising goal of $2000. Currently we are sitting at $1692. Let’s see how high we can go! As a reminder that all pledges are due on our Jump date of February 13th. All funds raised will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Cardiac Kids. The students are excited to show off their jumping skills on Thursday.

Please see below for important information items for this week.




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  • February 14th is a designated Professional Activity Day for our school board. There is no school for students on this day.



As a reminder, students are not permitted to bring in any food/candy to share with their classmates on Valentines Day. All food/candy items will be returned home as we continue to protect children that are medically fragile (Anaphylaxis, Allergies, food sensitivities). Thank you for your support.








  • Parents are reminded that the back parking lot is dedicated for staff only. Please park in the main parking lot or use our kiss n’ ride. Parking By-law officers will be making their way to the back and front parking lots during our heavy traffic times to ensure everyone is parking in dedicated parking spots.



  • This is the time of year when winter takes a toll on school attendance. Snow and slushy weather can keep parents from getting their children to school. So can the colds, fevers and earaches that often come with the winter months.
  • These absences, even if they are excused, can add up to academic trouble. If it is a snowy or rainy day but school is still open, students miss out on learning if they aren’t in class. These absences can result in lower test scores and grades.
  • There’s not much we can do about the weather, but there are two key steps every family can take to help avoid absences this year.
  1. Develop back up plans for getting your children to school in winter weather. That could mean checking with other families who have a car that can manage in the snow or forming a “walking school bus” to walk your children to school with other parents.
  2. Keep your children healthy. Dress them warmly for the cold weather and make sure they’ve got hats and gloves. Encourage them to wash their hands regularly. If your children do get sick, talk to a doctor about whether they should come to school and when it is okay for them to return. Above all, let us know how we can help. We want your children and all our students to succeed and that means attending school every day possible.


PROMOTING WELL BEING: How Teaching Kids Empathy Can Prevent Bullying

  • Kindness and compassion are qualities all parents hope to instill in their kids. But achieving this goal requires more than simply asking your child to do nice things for other people. In fact, authentically kind people are motivated by feelings of empathy. They can see things from another person’s perspective and understand how they might be feeling. They also can anticipate what might make a person feel better. When they can do these things, they are truly empathetic.

How to Teach Children Empathy:

  1. Make Sure Your Child’s Emotional Needs Are Met
  2. Ensure Kids Can Identify and Share Their Feelings
  3. Encourage Kids to Explore Other Perspectives
  4. Model Empathy Using Everyday Opportunities
  5. Teach Kids to Find Common Ground With Others
  6. Encourage Kids to Imagine How Someone Else Feels
  7. Talk to Kids About How Their Behavior Impacts Others


Yours In Catholic Education,
Elementary PrincipalSt. Paul Weekly Update February 10-14