Agenda & Minutes

Our Catholic School Council meets periodically to discuss matters related to our students, staff and families in our Catholic school community.

Parents are welcome to attend our School Council meetings and are encouraged to visit this page for up to date information on the events, activities, school programs, and upcoming plans in our community.

On this page, you will find a list of Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and additional information discussed at our meetings.

Agenda October Meeting

Minutes October 7 2019 and Report

Agenda November Meeting

Minutes November 4 2019 and Report

Agenda December Meeting

Minutes December 2 2019 and Report

Agenda January Meeting

Minutes January 27 2020 and Report

Agenda April 15 2020 – Virtual Meeting

Minutes April 15 2020 and Report

Agenda May 20 2020 – Virtual Meeting

Minutes May 20 2020 and Report

DeLuca Malette, RitaAgenda & Minutes