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Weekly Update: December 13, 2021

The Advent Journey: Hope becomes peace. Peace becomes joy. Joy becomes love. Love becomes Christ.

~ Bobby Schuller

Thank you to our school community for donating hats, mitts, and warm socks to the Good Shepherd. Thank you to Mrs. Schreoder and the Intermediate students for all of your work in organizing our Advent outreach.

Thank you to our Mistletoe Market parents!  It took many hands to make this event a success.  It was a wonderful event enjoyed by all! 

Thank you to Ms. Soares for your hard work and dedication to your Kindergarten class and to our school community.  We wish Ms. Soares all the best as she embarks on new endeavours and hope she returns to our school soon!  We also welcome Mrs. Hantz back, returning from her maternity leave and look forward to her rejoining our St. Patrick School Team on January 3, 2022.

Thank you to Mrs. Goodman’s class for preparing our Advent liturgy this past week.  We are blessed with the opportunity to come together as a school community in prayer.

Reminder: Please complete the Daily COVID Screening each morning

Parents/guardians/students must complete the Ontario School Screening Tool each morning prior to or upon arrival for each student.  The Screening Tool can be accessed using this link:

Students only attend school if a “✅” is obtained.   Students with COVID-like symptoms or who receive an “X” indicating “Do not go to school” must remain home and isolate as instructed.

Christmas at St. Patrick

Advent Outreach

Thank you so much to everyone that was able to donate to our Advent Outreach over the last two weeks.  During this last week of Advent together, we are collecting toys for the Salvation Army.  All unwrapped toys will be collected in our front foyer area and donated at the end of this week. We thank you in advance for your support of those less fortunate in our community.

Joy Day – December 14th

This would be our annual Christmas crafting and festivities day.  On this day, students will be engaging in fun Christmas activities in their classes.  

December 13-17

  • Monday December 13 – Red/Green Day
  • Tuesday December 14 – Holiday Dress up Day  (Dress up /accessorize like your favourite Christmas Character)    
  • Wednesday December 15 – Christmas Sweater Day  
  • Thursday December 16 – Christmas Hat Day
  • Friday December 17 – PJ Day

Early Dismissal – Friday December 17

A reminder that Friday December 17th is an Early Dismissal Day.  Our school day ends at 2:00 p.m.

Winter Break Travel

With the holiday season approaching, it is anticipated that many staff, students and families will choose to make travel plans over the break. We would like to remind families to follow federal directives related to international travel and quarantine requirements.  Please be reminded that although unvaccinated children under the age of 12 who travel internationally with a fully vaccinated adult are exempt from federal quarantine, they are not permitted to attend school or child care for 14 days following their return.

Return to School Plan Daily Screening verification in January

Following the Christmas Break, students (K-Grade 12) will once again be required to provide confirmation that they have taken and passed the daily COVID-19 school screening upon arrival at school. This confirmation of a “pass” screening result can be the green check mark from the online screening sent to your child’s teacher, or a parent/guardian signature on the attestation calendar (being sent home with students prior to Christmas Break). Screening verification will begin on Monday, January 3, 2022, and will be in effect for a minimum of two weeks. Screening verification will be required any time there is a pause in learning, e.g., March Break, as an added measure to protect our students and staff from COVID-19.

Rapid Antigen Test Kits Rapid Antigen Screening Kit

On Wednesday, December 15th, your child will be taking home a Rapid Antigen Screening Kit for voluntary use over the Christmas holiday.   

The rapid antigen screening kits have been provided by the Government of Ontario for every student who attends in-person learning at a publicly funded school.  These kits may be used by any student, regardless of their vaccination status, however, should only be used when a child is asymptomatic (does not have any symptoms of COVID-19) and has not had any exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19.  

Please note, your child’s participation in this rapid antigen screening is voluntary and is not a required action for return to school after the Christmas break.  

Thank you for your ongoing support as we work closely with the Ministry of Education and Halton Public Health to help keep our community safe and healthy for all. 

Vaccines for 5-11 Year Olds

First dose COVID-19 vaccination appointments for 5-11 year olds can now be booked through Halton Region’s online booking system for children five to 11 years of age (or turning five in 2021). Second doses can be booked at a date closer to the recommended eight week interval. Appointments are dependent on paediatric vaccine supply and will be added to the Region’s booking system as supply is confirmed. Please keep checking Halton’s website and booking form as more appointments are added.

Appointments are available at the Region’s new paediatric child-friendly clinics (similar to a doctor’s office) and their four existing community clinics, featuring the Halton Heroes. Appointments are also available at select pharmacies and primary care providers & paediatric offices in Halton. Parents can decide which setting is best for their child, based on age and other personal factors. Information to assist with the decision is available on

Book an appointment

Inclement Weather Information

With the winter weather upon us it is imperative that students come appropriately dressed to go outside for recess. Students are outside for all regular outside activities when it is warmer than -15°C. When temperatures range between -15°C to -20°C, students may remain outside for no longer than 20-minute intervals, once temperatures are colder than -20°C students must remain inside.

Emergency School Closures

Another result of winter weather is the potential for school closure during storms, etc. All information regarding closure will be sent out on the Halton Catholic District School Board website, the HCDSB Twitter account and by television/radio commencing at 6:30 a.m.

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter weather often means reduced visibility and slippery roads. The key to arriving at your destination safely is to be alert, be cautious, and take it slowly.  

The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) encourages you to adopt the following winter driving safety tips:

Clear Off Your Vehicle

You may be tempted to do the minimum to clean off your vehicle, but during the winter it is more important than ever to have full visibility of the road and surrounding traffic.

Before starting your trip, clean off the entire windshield and all of the windows. Wipe off the headlights, tail lights, and turn signals so that others may see you. 

Accelerate Safely

To keep your grip, start off slow and easy. Do not spin your wheels. When you are pulling out, use a light foot on the accelerator, easing forward gently.

Stop Safely

Depending on the size of your vehicle, it takes three to 12 times the distance to stop on ice and snow-covered roads than on dry roads. Give yourself more time to brake and leave more of a gap between yourself and the car in front of you.

Slow Down

Slow down early when you approach a slippery intersection, curve, or hill.  Adjust to the existing road, weather, and traffic conditions.

Plan lane changes well in advance, and give yourself enough time to make manoeuvers safely and other vehicles enough time to provide a clear path. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained at all times will help ensure you arrive safely at your destination. When driving, it is important to use your windshield wipers often and ensure that you are using winter washer fluid. If possible, switch to snow tires during winter months.

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Comito, DianaWeekly Update: December 13, 2021