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Weekly Update October 12

Father, all of Creation rightly owes you thanks and praise.
For the gift of our families, loved ones and good friends, we thank you Father, Through them we see the reflection of your Son.
For jobs, our homes and all that we have, we thank you Father, give us only that which we need, as we seek Your Kingdom.
For the bounty we are about to eat, we thank you through Christ Our Lord.

Thank you to our amazing grade 2 students from Ms. Colalillo for leading our virtual Thanksgiving liturgy;

Thank you to our St. Patrick School Community for participating in our Autumn Thanksgiving Food Drive;

Thanksgiving Day

  • Monday October 12 is the Thanksgiving Holiday. We wish all our families a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Reminder about Lunch and Snacks

  • We have several children in our school who live with a severe life-threatening food allergy to peanuts and tree nuts (anaphylaxis). Please choose items carefully when sending lunches and snacks to school. Please be extra vigilant to avoid sending those treats that contain or may nuts or traces of nuts. (REMINDER: Alternate “peanut butter” spreads are difficult to differentiate from the real product and make monitoring student safety a challenge. Please do not send “peanut butter” look-alike products to school.) Thank you for your continued cooperation in ensuring the safety of our anaphylactic students.

Promoting Well-Being – Free Ways to Enhance Your Well-Being

The good news is health and wellness doesn’t discriminate and is available for all levels of income. The following suggestions are for anyone interested in strengthening one’s wellbeing—without weakening the wallet… we will highlight one of 12 ways in our updates:

  • Physical Activity – The only considerations needed to add physical activity into our daily schedule are a safe place to walk and the time to do it. Although research has determined that our environment plays a role in our physical activity habits (i.e. lack of safe walking paths reduce walking behavior), walking is still the “gold standard” of exercise. Plus, it’s free, it can be done anywhere, and we don’t have to wear the latest fitness garb to do it. What’s more, we don’t have to dedicate 30 minutes to walking; we can divide our time up during the day. Physical activity is accumulative and has the same positive benefits if we walk 10 minutes three times a day or 30 minutes all at once. Commit to walking a few days per week, walk at a comfortable pace, and add more days, more minutes, or more intensity as you progress.

As you are aware families were given the opportunity to move from the virtual platform to in person and vice a versa last week.  Numbers at St. Patrick CES did see some movement causing classes to change in size and composition.  Staff will be reaching out this week if these changes affect your child(ren).  Please be patient with the process.   Due to this I have had to postpone Curriculum Night to October 21. 2020. Details will follow. Thank you.

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Comuzzi, Mary-CatherineWeekly Update October 12