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MindUP Lesson 15 – Taking Mindful Action in the World

Your child will be starting lesson 15, Taking Mindful Action in the World, for the next two weeks.  In this lesson they will be learning about a special nerve cell called mirror neurons.  This nerve cell helps them understand the feelings of or have empathy for other people.  When they see someone expressing an emotion, their neural pathways connect to that emotion are activated. 

When your child works together in a positive way feeling of kindness, levels of dopamine and opportunities for activating neutral pathways of pleasure and rewards multiply. This makes kindness “contagious.”  Focusing on kindness will increase their levels of dopamine and more empathy and compassion. 

Try some of these things with your child at home or in your community:

  • Picking up litter
  • Writing cards for healthcare workers
  • Sending a text or virtual KIND message to a friend or family member
  • Have your child help make and clean up after dinner
  • Share what you are grateful for with our family & friends
  • Write positive messages with chalk or on paper
Elementary PrincipalMindUP Lesson 15 – Taking Mindful Action in the World