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Mandatory Self-Screening on April 19th

Mandatory Self-Screening on April 19th

As a reminder, before coming back to school on April 19th, you must screen for COVID-19 symptoms. If your child or anyone in your household is ill, please stay home and follow the guidance in the School Screening Tool.

The Ministry of Education has mandated that all elementary students will need to show proof of screening on the first day of back from the Spring Break.

Parents are asked to confirm they have completed the COVID-19 School Screening Tool for each child, and that they have received a ‘pass’ to go to school. Please email your child’s homeroom teacher directly on Monday April 19th before 8:30 am confirming your child has completed and passed the screening and is going to school. We appreciate your support with this process.  Homeroom teacher emails are available on our school website.

Cacciola, AnthonyMandatory Self-Screening on April 19th