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Weekly Update September 25th

Good afternoon families

We thank our students and families for another great week at St. Nicholas. Listed below are a few important reminders as we end our week.

New COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

The Ontario government released a new online screening tool for schools – It is extremely important that parents do this screening test each morning with each of their children BEFORE they come to school each day. Staff also do this screening assessment daily before coming to work. Let’s all do our part to ensure the safety of all!

Based on the new criteria in the school screening tool, the following changes to our previous screening protocol will now apply:  

  • Household members and close contacts of a symptomatic individual are no longer required to self-isolate unless they have symptoms. This means that unless otherwise directed by Public Health or a health care provider, siblings are not required to stay home or miss school while awaiting test results for the symptomatic student. 
  • However, if a household member (including siblings) has COVID-19 symptoms, they are required to self-isolate while awaiting test results.
  • In cases where an individual tests positive for COVID-19, all close contacts and household members (including siblings) will be required to self-isolate and will require clearance from Halton Public Health before returning to school.

The attached chart (Return to School Protocol for Students with COVID-19 Symptoms.pdf) outlines the revised Return to School Protocol for Students with COVID-19 symptoms. 

Sports Equipment – Toys – Outdoor Recess

Students are kindly reminded not to bring any personal sports equipment and/or toys to school. We cannot guarantee that items will be properly sanitized and/or that we can prevent cross contamination between peers. We are currently working on a plan that will allow us to safely use St. Nicholas sport’s equipment outside during outdoor movement breaks. We thank our students and families for their understanding.

General Reminders – Masks/Social Gathering Before/After School

Thank you, parents/guardians, for wearing your masks on school grounds. It is important for all our students to see us modelling the behaviours we ask of them. We ask families to ensure only one parent/guardian is on school grounds for pickup/drop off.  Please refrain from socializing on school property for any extended period. Thank you for your understanding!

Kiss N Ride/Parking Lot

Please be reminded NOT TO PARK OR STOP your car for an extended period in the Kiss & Ride lane at any time. Please observe parking signs and practice extra patience after school as the kiss n ride Is a very busy area – this is a short-term issue and the safety of students/staff/parents is our priority. Please continue to adhere to both speed and parking restrictions around St. Nicholas School.

Water Bottles

Students are reminded to please bring a reusable water bottle to school as we have designated refill stations available. For the health and safety of our students and school community, the use of water fountains for drinking will not be permitted. Unfortunately, the school can not provide cups/bottles to students during the school day.


Thank you to parents for sending a lunch with your children in the morning. We cannot have parents dropping off lunches during the school day. We would appreciate your co-operation in ensuring your child has their own utensils for their lunch. We cannot provide nor share these items for safety reasons.

Curriculum Night – Save the Date!

St. Nicholas will be hosting a virtual Curriculum Night on October 7th. There will be 2 presentation times available – 6:30 & 7:00 pm. Teaching staff will be using the Microsoft Teams platform for their virtual meeting – teachers will be emailing invites to their families on Monday October 5th. We look forward to a wonderful virtual evening with our families.

Orange Shirt Day

In honour of our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation through Indigenous Education, we will be marking Orange Shirt Day on September 30th. We recognize the harm residential schools caused to our Indigenous people and we honour those that survived and remember those that did not. We recognize the ongoing effects of intergenerational trauma caused by residential schooling and we wear an orange shirt in support of those who have been impacted by the harm of residential schools. For more information:

Student Agendas

We have a limited number of student agendas at school – if your child would like to purchase an agenda please communicate with their homeroom teacher. Agendas can be purchased for $5 via the School Cash Online.

Request to Change Learning Environment 

If you wish to change your child’s learning environment by switching from remote learning to in-class instruction, or vice versa, you are asked to complete an online request form.

Important notes before you complete the online form:

  • You are asked to submit a separate form for each child.
  • You will need your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) to submit this request. The OEN can be found on a recent report card.
  • This online request form applies to elementary students ONLY. Requests for changes in the learning environment at the secondary school level should be sent to directly to your child’s secondary school Principal.
  • This form does not apply to homeschooling. If your child is currently being homeschooled and you would like to request a change to either in-class instruction or remote learning, please contact your Family of Schools Superintendent.

NOTE: Please do not complete this form unless you want to change your child’s current learning environment – i.e. your child is currently attending in-class instruction and you want to switch to remote (online) learning in a virtual classroom.

 CLICK HERE to access the online form to request a change to your child’s learning environment.

 The online form will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, October 1, 2020.

 We wish everyone a wonderful safe weekend.

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Mr. Cacciola & Mrs. Spotswood

Elementary PrincipalWeekly Update September 25th