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Weekly Update August 29, 2019 – Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

We are looking forward to the start of a new school year. Our main office is open all week for new registrations and for parents to drop off medical forms and medication.

Class Placements

On Friday, August 30th, student class placement will be available on the system website:

  1. Please visit:
  2. Click on Schools tab- School Listing
  3. Choose St. Nicholas Oakville
  4. Click on Class Placements
  5. Enter OEN # and click search

You will need your child’s OEN number (found on their report card) in order to access this information. For new families to the school, you may call into the school office to receive your child’s OEN number.

First Day Procedures

Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 3rd. Homeroom teachers will meet their students in their assigned areas (see below) – Grade Numbers will be made visible for students/parents. For the first day parents can accompany their children onto the pavement/blacktop. Parents are reminded to please limit conversations with teaching staff to help facilitate a safe and speedy entry into the school. Please note that parking is limited.

    • Grade 1- 3 will gather along our main wall on the southside of the blacktop.
    • Grade 4-6 classes will meet their teachers in front of the portables.
    • Grade 7 – 8 students will meet their teachers by the rear entry/gymnasium doors on the northside of blacktop.
    • In the event that it rains, students in Grade 5-8 will meet their teachers in our school gymnasium and students in Grade 1-3 will meet their teachers in our school forum.

Kindergarten Timeline

  • Students in Kindergarten New Year 1 and New Year 2 – interviews will be taking place – September 3 & 4
  • Year 2 students full entry Thursday, September 5th
  • Year 1 students staggered entry Thursday and Friday –please refer to the letter mailed to those families
  • Monday September 9th, full entry Year 1 students

Start/End Time

Just a reminder of our start and end times for St. Nicholas. Student supervision starts at 8:35 am – our school day begins at 8:50 am and ends at 3:20 pm. Our student lunch period is from 11:50-12:50 pm.

End Of The Day Dismissal

The safety of our students is our top priority and it is for this reason that we are seeking your assistance at the end of the day when picking up your child(ren). Parents/Guardians, we ask that you please stay off the pavement area at the end of the day. This will help us to ensure the safety of our students… remember that you are not a stranger to your child, but you are too many others. All students who walk home or are being picked up will exit St. Nicholas via the following doors:

  • Primary students Grade 1-3 will exit Door 11 with the exception of Mr. Putnins and Mrs. Hill class – these classes will exit Door 6.
  • Intermediate students will exit Door 8 and Door 9 – students will make their way around the building to the side walks. Please note Mr. Fuciarelli’s class will exit Door 9 and make their way around the building to the blacktop.

Bus students – all bus students will be assigned colour coded tags – this will help all students and staff ensure that students find their assigned bus lines and board the correct bus.

  • All bus students must and will line up in their assigned areas within the school – gymnasium and or forum. These students will be escorted to their assigned bus by school staff.
  • We remind families to please continue to check Halton Transportation – families are encouraged to register for delay notifications – bus delays if any will be post on their website.

Finally – our dismissal procedures are designed to give our student walkers and those students being picked up enough time to make their way off school grounds before our bus students exit the building. We have 7 busses this school year – we are asking families to please be patient, especially in our parking lot. Please avoid our bus loop – we have 4 large school busses assigned to the loop and we have 3 large busses using our parking lot. The bus pick up/drop off area is highlighted by our curbs painted bright yellow – at no point should any vehicle pass our parked bus. Any vehicle moving through our parking lot must do so via other lanes – these are indicated by arrows– our parking lot is a one-way zone. We truly appreciate all our families being patient and understanding as we put the needs and safety of our students at the forefront.

If there are any questions and or concerns, please feel free to contact our main our office.

We look forward to seeing all our families on Tuesday, September 3rd!


Mr. Cacciola – Principal                                                                                         Mrs. Spotswood – Vice Principal

Elementary PrincipalWeekly Update August 29, 2019 – Welcome Back!