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Grade 7 School-based Immunization Program 2019-2020

Grade 7 School-based Immunization Program 2019-2020

As you may know, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provides a school-based immunization program for students that is delivered by the local health departments. The three immunization programs currently delivered in schools provide vaccination for:

  •       Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) November 13, 2019 May 20, 2020
  •       Meningococcal Disease February 19, 2020
  •       Hepatitis B November 13, 2020, May 20, 2020

Over the summer months, the Halton Region Health Department began mailing out information packages to parents. Each vaccine has its own consent form and requires parental signature, if you are providing consent for the vaccine. You are asked to return the signed consent forms contained in the package to your school by September 13, 2019.  Late forms may affect your child’s participation in the clinic. The Halton Region Health Department will review the forms for accuracy and completeness.

Please note that participation in the HPV vaccination program is voluntary. The HPV vaccination will only be administered to students whose parents have consented to the vaccine.

Attached to this correspondence is a letter to parents from His Excellency Douglas Crosby, Bishop of the Hamilton Diocese, in regard to the HPV vaccination. Please take a moment to read Bishop Crosby’s letter and carefully review all of the information available to assist you in your determination as to whether or not you wish your child to participate in the voluntary HPV vaccination program.

Catholic Parents, re Human Papilloma Virus

For more information about the school-based immunization program, you may contact the Halton Regional Health Department directly at 905-825-6000, or visit their website at:

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