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Weekly Update March 29 – April 2, 2021

“I have set an example so that you should do as I have done for you.” John 13-16

Weekly Update Monday March 29 – April 2, 2021

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of one of the most significant weeks in our liturgical lives.  As we hear the gospels of Palm Sunday and Holy Week we are called to enter into these historical events as if we were actually there with Jesus.  On Sunday, we hear about the joy and great hope of the people as they wave palms calling out triumphantly “Hosanna!… Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”  How quickly this rejoicing turns to sadness. In a few short days, following this event we hear about the angry shouts to “Crucify him!”  

Reflection: This Sunday, as we listen to the narration of the Passion of our Lord, enter into the narrative, asking yourself “Who am I in the crowd?  

Some questions to consider: 

  • Where am I when Jesus passes by? … shouting his name…hiding and protecting myself? 
  • Am I like Judas in any way? … have I betrayed others or let someone down? 
  • How can I follow the example of Simon and Veronica?  … reaching out to help those who are struggling 

Stations of the Cross: We will be commemorating the Stations of the Cross through beautiful pictures on each classroom doors. We look forward to sharing them through a short video on Thursday evening

Mental Health and Wellbeing Parent Information Sessions: The Special Education Services department at HCDSB is hosting a series of parent information sessions to help families adjust and respond to the new norms faced during a global pandemic, and how to cope with the mental health and well-being of their children in times of uncertainty and change. A link to each live session will be posted on the Board’s homepage the day of the scheduled presentation. If you cannot attend this virtual session on the scheduled time and day, a link to the recorded presentation will be available on HCDSB’s website and YouTube channel for later viewing. More Information To learn more about the topics that will be discussed in the upcoming parent information sessions, please visit our Board’s website: Fostering Mental Health & Well-Being: Parent Information Sessions 

Monday March 29, 2021

  • Daily Screening to be completed before sending your child to school
  • Change of Learning Day – welcome back returning students and best of luck to students heading off to virtual learning

Tuesday March 30, 2021

Wednesday March 31, 2021

  • Memorial Liturgy ~ 11:00 a.m. we will celebrate “Friendship and Love” as we honour the one year anniversary of the passing of Michael Frost. We are blessed to have Mr. Melonson taking part in this special virtual liturgy video. Extra staff will be present to support staff and students as we continue to remember, honour and miss Michael. Thank you to Michael’s classmates for creating this wonderful liturgy for our school community. 
  • Easter Faith Treat Bags coming home – for those who ordered (orders are now closed)

Thursday April 1, 2021

  • World Autism Awareness Day; April is Autism Awareness Month and April 2nd is worldwide Autism Awareness Day. People with autism can have a hard time communicating and understanding social cues. The symbol for Autism Awareness is the puzzle piece as the puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum. The different colours and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition. 
  • Spirit Day – “Light it Up Blue” in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them. Please join us in wearing blue to show your support.  

Friday April 2, 2021 & Monday April 6, 2021

  • Good Friday & Easter Monday – school closed 

I wish and hope that you enjoy some time to relax and recharge during this time, and we urge you to continue to follow all of the public health guidelines while doing so to ensure that the time is also as safe as possible for you, your family, and our community. 

Happy Easter & God Bless

Riesberry, JulieWeekly Update March 29 – April 2, 2021