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Weekly Update: September 14-September 18, 2020

We are thrilled to open the doors to all our In-Class Learner’s on Monday. Last week was wonderful and we are even more excited to have everyone back in the building. Please take time to review the below items as they are important to ensure the safety and well-being of all St. Michael family members. These are unique times and we are dedicated to ensuring everyone is safe, loved and cared for. I know this is a long email, it serves as information as well to ensure a smooth transition back to school. 

Remote Learner’s: our students may be away from the school, please let them know, there are in our prayers and we wish them well as they begin remote learner this week. Parents should be receiving information from HCDSB early this week with next steps. 

Website: Our website is being updated this week. These messages will be sent via email every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and then posted on the website for reference. School Messenger can still be access via the website at this time. 


  • All students in K-8 are to wear masks. At outdoor times, students are invited to remove their mask and store it safely. Parents are welcome to send an extra mask for their child to change throughout the day. Masks are to washed nightly and returned with the students the next day.

Morning Drop Off & Pick Up

  • Parents and students are encouraged to walk as our parking is very limited due to construction.
  • Parents are to park behind the Church and walk to the designated gate entrance for your child’s classroom. Staff are present to assist and supervise.
  • Kindergarten Parents: you are welcome to try and find a spot in the front lot (they are very limited), park and walk your child to the Kindergarten gates. 
  • NO entrance to the front lot for drop off at the curb. 
  • Busses: due to the construction, all busses will be required to make a turn in the inner parking lot. At this time, parking spots will be blocked to ensure safety of turns.

Lunches & Parent Drop Off at the School

  • Due to HCDSB Protocols, lunches need to be packed and sent to school with students. 
  • Essential Visitors are only allowed access to the building at this time.
  • If you need to pick-up or drop something off during the day, you must call ahead and someone will meet you at the doors.

Safety and Well-Being of Students – Daily Screening

  • Daily Self-Screening: ensure you complete the daily Self Screening before sending your child to school.
  • If your child shows any screening items – please keep them home and enter their absence on School Messenger.
  • If your child displays any screening items at school, the school will immediately isolate the child and siblings, contact parent and request an immediate pick-up.
  • As a staff, we will continue to enforce hand washing, hand sanitation, following directional areas, washroom cleaning, zones at recess with cohorts and physical distancing. All staff are wearing HCDSB directed masks while teaching and within close contact with students and adults.
  • Family Consent Package will be sent home on Tuesday. Please ensure they are returned with updated information. This is critical information for the Office, in case we need to reach you.

Bus Information:

  • Parent please ensure you have checked Halton Student Transportation for route times and numbers
  • Students have been assigned a seat number. Morning stops: the bus driver is responsible for sharing the student seat number when entering the bus. After school, the staff will ensure the student has their bus number and seat number prior to entering the bus. 


  • Student are to be in ISW uniform. Navy blue bottoms are acceptable, ISW pants/shorts are strongly encouraged. 
  • If you need uniforms, please send a note to the teachers and we will ensure you receive items from our gently used supply. This make take a few days, we ask for your patience.
  • Non ISW tops are not allowed to be worn during instructional time. Sweaters and jackets are to be worn only at outdoor times. 

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