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School Update: June 22

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we begin the final week of what has been an interesting school year, I want to thank you one last time for your ongoing patience, understanding and support during this extended school closure period. I know this is not how we wanted to end the school year, so thank you for your continued commitment to our Distance Learning platforms!

Please remember your appointed individual date and time over the next two days for the Student Material Pick Up and Drop Off. Please be on time for your scheduled time and confirm with your children’s teachers if you haven’t already done so. If you have forgotten your time, please reach out to your teacher as they have all the information.

DON’T FORGET: Please bring with you any library books you have found, and all textbooks that belong to the school. If you have borrowed any technology, this also must be returned unless you have made arrangements with me due to online summer learning. We will also accept any gently used and clean uniform pieces!

Please make sure that you drive to your designated location on our school site. A reminder that no one will be allowed in the school. If you need to bring your children with you, please remember that the school is closed as well as the playgrounds. Keep them safe with you!

Reminders and station locations are posted on our website in case you need to review:

Report Card’s will be available on Wednesday, June 24th electronically this year. You will need your child’s OEN # (which can be found on their previous report cards, and is also your child’s password for their Office 365 login!). If you missed the message last week, or need some reminders, please see our website for the message:

Medical Information

Families with children with medical needs are to note that ALL MEDICATION has been packed in your child’s bag for pick up over the next two days. This includes medication that was housed in our office, and EpiPens. Check your child’s bag carefully! Normally packages would have been sent home to update any Medical information in June. Please note that due to the school closures, this information will be evaluated and assessed in the beginning of September before school starts, depending on the reopening guidelines.

If you missed last week’s “Virtual End of the Year Farewell Message” to students and staff, it is posted on our website and can be found here:

We still have no idea what September will look like. Please keep informed through information in the media, as well as checking in to our school website for more information, updates and other Board related news.

I look forward to seeing you during your pick-up/drop off time on either Tuesday or Wednesday!

B. Melanson


Melanson, BrianSchool Update: June 22