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Reminder: Student Material Pick-Up/Drop Off

Your Scheduled Time to Pick Up Personal Belongings & to Drop Off Borrowed Items

An email was delivered to all families during the week of June 8 letting each family know that their scheduled time has been established for “curbside pick-up/drop off” to retrieve any personal belongings that may have been left in the school AND to return any borrowed items at home.

Your scheduled day will be on either: TUESDAY, JUNE 23 OR WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2020

Pick-Up/Drop Off Station will be one of three locations:

STATION 1 Front Entrance

(STATION 1: Front Entrance of the School: Please drive up to the front door of the school.)

STATION 2 Side Door #3 Beside Kinder Playground

(STATION 2: Side Door #3 Beside Kinder Playground: This is the exit door on the SIDE of the school in between the Church and the School directly beside the Kinder Playground. You may either drive up to the Kinder Yard Gate entrance and follow the path beside the church, OR park in the church parking lot and enter from the opening in the gate/fence beside the church and Door #3.)

STATION 3 Back Playground walkway at the back of the Church Parking lot

(STATION 3: Back Playground walkway: This is the new walkway at the back of the church parking lot that leads to the back playground and the portable. Please enter through the Church Parking lot and make your way towards the back field where you can park your car. Enter the new walkway that leads to the back playground. Follow the walkway path to the tables set up on the blacktop.)

If another parent is still at the table, please wait in your car until it is clear. A table will be placed out front for Pick Up with a labelled clear bag of your child(ren)’s personal items. A second table is available for drop offs of any materials from home (library books, uniforms, sports uniforms, technology devices borrowed) with bags labelled for each. The following safety precautions must also be practiced by all individuals visiting our school site to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.)

Important Reminders!

Prior to your scheduled drop off/pick up time frame, you are required to read the full list of instructions outlined in the: HCDSB Elementary School Curbside Access for Student Belongings Protocol for Parents/Guardians

Due to the interior construction happening in our school, these are the only two days available. Please arrange to have someone pick up/drop off your items during the time you are given. If you cannot make the time scheduled, the items will remain in the school and can be retrieved once the schools re-open in the Fall.

Please note that only parents or guardians will be permitted to arrive at the school site. Students will not be able to access the school or playground.

Please confirm with each child’s teacher that you (or a designated adult) are coming at the scheduled date and time.   

As always, please continue to follow the advice and recommendations of our Public Health professionals.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we provide temporary access to our school in a safe and secure manner. I look forward to seeing you on your designated date and time on either Tuesday, June 23rd or Wednesday, June 24th!

Mr. B. Melanson


Melanson, BrianReminder: Student Material Pick-Up/Drop Off