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Our “Virtual” End of the Year Message

Good afternoon to all our St. Michael families!

Today, Friday, June 19th, would have been the day that our school would come together one last time in recognition of a great year. This year, I must do so virtually!

Now we prepare for the summer months, where we would normally slow down, rest in the shade, and pause to embrace God’s beauty in the warmer months. But it feels like God has already slowed down our world for us!

This message includes an honour to our staff members who are leaving us, a video message from me honouring our school and saying goodbye, and a message of hope as we prepare for the unknown future of school in September.

Staff Goodbyes:

Every year we are faced with change when it comes to staff at a school…some join us for only a year, some are taking on new roles, some move, and sometimes, someone retires! This year we have a few of our staff who are heading off for different reasons, so on behalf of all of us in the St. Michael Catholic School Community we say goodbye and thank you to:

Staff members who recently joined us as teachers or support staff to take on classrooms and assist with students, we thank you for your arrival and support, and wish you continued success in achieving other positions with our Board!

  • Mrs. Ribeiro, Grade 1 LTO teacher: Thank you for taking over the classroom for the entire year! Your dedication and enthusiasm will be missed by us all!
  • Mr. Italiano, Grade 7 LTO teacher: Thank you for swooping in and highlighting all of the strengths and talents of our Grade 7 students!
  • Miss Best, Educational Assistant: Thank you for your support and helping out so many individuals in such a short period of time!
  • Mrs. Pilozzi, SERT: Thank you for joining us mid-year to assist with all our organization, assistance and special education needs! We wish you good luck at St. John Paul II Catholic School!

Staff members who have moved on to other positions earlier in the 2020 Year, we thank you for your contributions and dedication to our school!

  • Mr. Philpott, our evening Custodian: You slipped away quietly but we miss you! Here’s hoping you will return to our school one day soon!
  • Mrs. Peric, Grade 7 teacher: Thank you for your support in transitioning our schools together. We wish you a healthy start in your new school!

Staff members who will be moving on to new positions or new schools starting in September!

  • Mrs. Ungolo-Ettorre, SERT: Thank you for your support in all things Special Education! Your new schools will be fortunate to have such an experienced SERT!
  • Mrs. Zekic, Grade 3 teacher: Thank you for your years of support in our Primary and Junior divisions, for all the coaching you have done, and your wealth of knowledge! We will miss you and wish you luck in your new school!

Staff members who are RETIRING!!

  • Mrs. Douthart, Kindergarten: Congratulations to Mrs. Douthart on her retirement from teaching after 33 years. She has been an excellent and treasured member of our school community and previously at St. John. Her willingness to continue to learn and adapt is an inspiration to not only her students, but to the entire staff. Her love for our students and families will be truly missed as she heads off to spread her wings in life’s adventures…we wish you all the best in your retirement!

And your Principal, who will be moving schools…

  • Please click below for a video message from Mr. Melanson…

A Message of Hope:

I thank you all for continuing the journey of this school community. As we have faced the amalgamation and this pandemic together, I know that you will all continue to be resilient and face whatever the future holds together.

With a still uncertain September ahead of us, I ask you all to be hopeful and go with God!   

As you leave school for the summer, and you lay aside textbooks and computers and notebooks and pencils and pens, Go with God, for God goes with you.

As you enjoy the summer sun and the summer’s cool blue waters, respect the beauty of the earth as God’s gift to you, and go with God, for God has created you.

As you go to quiet places to reflect and to pray, to enjoy the peace, and beauty of private space and time off, go with God, for God always goes with you.

May you stay safe and healthy this summer, and I KNOW that I will see you at some point when our schools reopen for a visit. I promise.

God bless.

Mr. B. Melanson


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