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ECO Results for 2020!

Mrs. Van Werde-Bailly wanted to share a huge thank you to our ECO team and school community for all your commitment, dedication and perseverance throughout 2019\2020 school year.

So much has been accomplished in the time we were at school this year such as our Terra Cycle Program,  Litterless Lunches, bringing reusable water bottles to school, turning off the lights during the lunch hour or when it was sunny outside, putting our waste in the correct bin (so as not to cross contaminate), turning off electronics when not in use and riding bikes\walking to school! Just to name a few!

Although our year did not end as it usually does, it gave us the gift of sharing what we learned at school and bring it into our homes and giving it to our family. So be stewards of God’s earth and…. plant a garden, smell the flowers, pick and the eat the vegetables you grew, make a reusable bag and bring it to the Framer’s market, watch the insects, follow the butterfly then fly like one! You are a child of God show your appreciation in your actions!

This year, St. Michael’s has received a “Special Edition” certificate by ECO Schools for our accomplishments,  we were successful with 86 points out of 100 which brings us to….. our GOLD status once again!!

Congratulations once again to our ECO team for all your participation in ensuring that St. Michael stays on top with another Gold Certification! A BIG thank you to Mrs. Van Werde-Bailly for continuing to help us all be Stewards of the Earth!

Melanson, BrianECO Results for 2020!