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ECOschool Certification: GOLD!

It has been an exceptional year with the joining of 2 Catholic School Communities to create one family – St. Michael Catholic Elementary School! The ECO team came up with wonderful goals for our 2018/2019 school year. As we began the year, our goals were to become a waste-less school, reducing our use of lights especially during the lunch hour, using reusable water bottles, and being mindful of what waste goes into which bin. All the while learning to become more aware of our environment, especially in the community we live in. As we developed and changed our ECO ways, we made many life changing habits that became our everyday practice. It was OUR challenge to bring these habits into our homes, church and community activities so that we could teach others to do the same.

It is with pride that all of these goals helped us as a Catholic school family to become true Stewards of Creation just as Jesus teaches us. This learning has earned St. Michael Catholic Elementary School the status of GOLD! 

A huge thank you goes out to our ECO Team for their dedication, perseverance and fantastic ideas! A special appreciation to our Team leaders: Mrs. Van Werde-Bailly and Mr. Philpott for their initiative and ideas. It was Mr. Philpott who implemented the Terra Cycle bins, planted more garden bulbs, streamlined our Recycling Program, and initiated the Plastic Bag Challenge!

Thank you all for your hard work in achieving GOLD status for St. Michael as an ECOcertified school!

Elementary PrincipalECOschool Certification: GOLD!