Staff Directory


Mr. Vince ChinineaElementary Principal
Mr. Martin SimonElementary Vice-Principal

Support Staff

Mrs. Maura BrophyOffice Assistant
Miss Nicole HintonLibrary Technician
Mrs. Sheila TrudellElementary School Secretary
Ms Nicole WoodsChild and Youth Counsellor

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Adele BoisvertElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Mrs. Adriana LuburicElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Nadia NapoleoneElementary Teacher, French - Core
Mrs. Amy CampeseElementary Teacher, French - Extended French Immersion
Mme Justyna RichardsElementary Teacher, French - Extended French Immersion
Ms. Kari SlatteryElementary Teacher, French - Extended French Immersion
Mrs. Christine WhiteElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Lyndsay StewartElementary Teacher, Grade 1/2
Ms. Catherine BradleyElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Christine StollbergElementary Teacher, Grade 2/3
Ms. Cindy NunesElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Laura MillerElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Ms. Elyse NixonElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Ms. Annabella SanzsoleElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Ms. Joanne HoughElementary Teacher, Grade 5 English Portion of F.I.
Mrs. Sandy Amaral GoncalvesElementary Teacher, Grade 5 French Immersion English
Ms Lauren DonovanElementary Teacher, Grade 5/6
Ms. Mary FucaElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Ms. Nancy GuerinElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Ms. Anna StulaElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Ms. Nicole PuricElementary Teacher, Grade 7/8
Mrs. Anita RamirezElementary Teacher, Grade 8
Ms. Susan CatalanoElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Catherine CorreiaElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Karolina LatusElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Stefani LinseElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Mr. Kenneth WaringLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 5 English Portion - F.I.
Ms Anna MulroyLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 6
Ms Anna MulroyLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Primary Team Member
Mrs Shannon PrychidnyElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Laura CoulsonDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Grace FabianoEducational Assistant
Ms. Kelly FlorDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms Caroline KielbasaTemporary Designated Early Childhood Educator
Miss Beth LirantzisEducational Assistant
Miss Zhaohui MengEducational Assistant, Temporary
Mrs. Franca ParsonsEducational Assistant
Mrs. Jean Skasko-CaronEducational Assistant

Custodial Staff

Mr. John Belerique
Mr. Marcello Vicinotti

Lunchtime Supervision

Ms. Lidia Dacosta
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