About Our School

St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School is an outstanding learning facility, which harvests an environment of harmony and interaction amongst the teachers, staff, students and parents. St. Matthew Catholic School is also an Extended Immersion school. Education is the key focus of all stakeholders. Through its vast focus on Catholicity, Curriculum, Home-School Communication, Safety and Community Building, the students of St. Matthew Catholic School are taught the skills they require to grow into productive adults. This sets the stage for their leading a fulfilled life.

The educational experience is not limited to just the classroom. Through the many out-reach programs our children learn to incorporate their Catholicity outside the school setting. We promote peer assistance initiatives (children helping children). Our children learn the lessons of the difference that they made in the lives and education of their peers outside of our school. Children helping children is an idea that displays the power and results of cooperation and generosity.

St. Matthew Catholic School is an inviting place for parents and children alike. Volunteers are always needed and this helps make our school a very friendly place to be. Parent Partners is a committee set up with parents such as you who may be able to find an hour or two several times a month to volunteer in helping make the school a great experience for our children.  Let’s not forget volunteerism is what weaves the true colour, pride and character of our community with whom you share common interests. In one word “PARTICIPATION”!  When you participate, you feel you’ve taken advantage of the moment.  The same applies to school; and your children will feel a stronger bond to their school.  So plan to participate as a “St. Matthew Catholic School Parent”, please call the school at (905) 847-0088 and ask how.

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