About Our School Council

Meet six times a year on Tuesday nights

Major committees:

  • Parent Partners
  • Outreach & Social Justice
  • Finance
  • Healthy School/Education
  • Marketing/Communications


About Our School Council

The Halton Catholic School Council’s roles are to advise the school principal and, where appropriate the School Board on any matter that the council has identified as a priority.

Catholic School Councils are legally constituted bodies of elected and appointed representatives of the local school community established for the purposes of developing, encouraging and promoting activities which will enhance the quality of school programs and improve the levels of student achievement.

St. Matthew School Council Elections take place in September of the new school year.

If you have an item you would like to add to the agenda, or if you would like more information on the school council, please call the school at (905) 847-0088 and leave a message for the council chair or the principal.


School Council Members for 2021-2022

Norela Avila, Peter Bertrand, Stefania Capelo, Tricia Dantes, Inka Ellenbrand, Stephanie Galvan, Linamaria Garcia, Luis Iratchet, Susana Matany-de-Figarella, Maria Sousa, Titsa Starogiannis, Lauren Wallis, Annie Gojmerac (Principal), Christine Stollberg (Teacher Representative), Franca Parsons (Non-Teaching Representative)

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