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Community Update: November 1, 2021

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


Thank you to for your fundraising donations. Currently, we have raised just over $3000 to support our students. A gentle reminder that we ask families to donate by Friday November 5th.

Thank you to our Catholic School Council subcommittee on special lunch days – Lunchbox ( Pizza and Subs) will be starting soon – info will be shared in a separate email.

Thank you to our student ambassadors in our intermediate classes and the work they are doing to support our school community!

Thank you to Mrs. Trudell and Mrs. Genier for all the work in the office each day!

Thank you to our Lunch Hour Supervisors for their support each day!

Picture Day is November 1st 2021!

We are excited to announce that we are able to have our photographers back in our school buildings following health and safety protocols. The date is set for November 1st 2021 . Please see attached the brochure from Edge Imaging. Individual photos will be taken for all of our staff and students. Please rest assured that Edge Imaging has confirmed that they have a vaccination disclosure policy in place and have advised that the photographers scheduled for school photo days will be able to provide Administration with validation of their vaccination status. As with any visitor to the school, photographers are required to complete the Visitor protocols in the HCDSB Return to School Plan.

Fall Donation Fundraiser time!

As noted in our previous Weekly Update, the link to our Fall Donation is open and will be until November 5th. For further details, please review the attached:St. Matt Major Fundraising Letter 2021-22.pdf 

We are thrilled to report that we have already raised nearly $3000.00!  Thank you to all families who have already donated.

Last year, over $9,000 was raised through this fundraiser. We are hoping that we can meet or surpass this goal, however we appreciate that each of our families may have different financial circumstances. ANY donation amount is welcome! Even the smallest donation makes a difference, and all donation amounts are confidential. Please consider sharing the link with extended family who may wish to contribute.

Donating is easy! Simply login to your School Cash Online Account:

  2. At the top right-hand corner, click on “Make a Donation”
  3. Under “Fund Destination” please ensure you select St. Matthew

The deadline for donations is November 5th, 2021. Please donate today!


This year we are happy to announce that our lunch programs will resume with Lunchbox being the provider approved by our Catholic School Council.  Thank you St. Matthew Catholic School Council Subcommittee for all your hard work behind the scenes getting everything together. Ordering will begin the week of November 9th 2021 and food deliveries will begin the week of November 22.

Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations: An Effective Communicator

Congratulations to our October recipient winners for being ‘Discerning Believers’.

To support our Pastoral Plan and keeping our Faith Community Traditions, each month, we will gather as a faith community to deepen our understanding of the Focus on Faith themes and Catholic Graduate Expectations. Each grade will have the opportunity to lead a Focus on Faith School wide Liturgy to highlight the theme for their grade, followed by Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations (OCGE) Awards.

This month of November, St. Matthew staff and students will work to be effective communicators. An Effective Communicator listens actively and critically to understand and learn in light of gospel values; reads, understands and uses written materials effectively; presents information and ideas clearly and honestly and with sensitivity to others; and uses and integrates the Catholic Faith Tradition to enhance the quality of life. We will participate in these daily Witness Statements:

I HAVE A VOICE!                         

I speak, write and listen as Jesus would want me to, I care about others and speak up for them,

I am honest

I think carefully before I react or speak, I respect all people and their languages, I listen to the Word of God

Because I have a voice, I will use it lovingly, and I will live my life like Jesus.

11th Annual HCCF Evening with Bishop Crosby – Virtual Edition

Wed. Nov. 17, 2021 – Reception at 6:30pm; Main Event at 7:00-8:30pm

The Halton Catholic Children’s Foundation (HCCF) supports HCDSB students in need with basic necessities (i.e. food and clothing) & with school activities that have a fee (i.e. team or club fees).

“With this funding the foundation has gratefully reduced the stress impacting the family and helped to ensure access to basic needs.” – HCDSB Social Worker

HCCF needs our help so they can continue to say “yes” to helping HCDSB students with financial barriers to learning.

 It is NOT another Zoom call. We are using so you can have fun and interact with your friends. Enjoy a meal and your favourite beverage while you catch up with others.

Join the Halton Catholic Community for an entertaining experience where you can connect with your friends and hear Bishop Crosby’s stories, sense of humour and wisdom.

For more information visit

St. Matthew December Shopping Spree will return!

The Shopping Spree will take place on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students.  A separate email will be sent out on Monday with more information.  Orders will be completed through Cash Online which will open from Monday, November 1st and will close Sunday, November 14th. As in past tradition, Grade 7 and 8 students will have an opportunity to shop once all the other classes have finished.  Cash only for those students at $4.00 per gift.

Promoting Well-Being – Help Your Child Love Who They Are

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. Positive self-esteem means liking yourself, feeling content most of the time and feeling proud of who you are.

Children with healthy self-esteem are more likely to be happy, cooperative, and successful at school. They make friends easily and are fun to be with because they enjoy challenges, are eager to learn and enjoy success. They are also more likely to cope positively with stress and are less likely to develop behaviour problems. As a parent you have the greatest influence in helping your child to be confident and develop healthy self-esteem.

How can you build positive self-esteem in your child?

  • Praise your child’s efforts and achievements.
  • Tell your child you care.
  • Help your child make friends.
  • Encourage your child to set goals, do things for themselves and evaluate their own achievements.
  • Encourage your child to express their ideas and make decisions.
  • Help your child manage their feelings, think realistically and be optimistic.
  • Teach your child to solve problems for themselves.
  • Use the 40 developmental assets to help build self-esteem in your child.


St. Matthew Catholic Parish News

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As many of our regular weekly Mass attendees are discovering, reserving space in our church on weekends is becoming increasingly competitive. Walk-in attendees and those who wait until late in the week (Friday or Saturday) are unlikely to find Masses with available space. Preference and privilege are shown to no one in this process; as it just, all available space is allocated through Eventbrite on a first-come-first served basis. If you’re concerned about making sure there’s room for you and your family, the best course of action is diligence! Please be reminded that as long as we are required to maintain physical distance between persons of differing households, the need to register for weekend Masses will remain resolutely in place. Thank you for your cooperation with the minor detail.

~ Father Allen Varlaki

Gojmerac, AnnieCommunity Update: November 1, 2021