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Community Update-Opening Procedures September 7, 2021

“The love of Christ, welcomed with an open heart, changes us, transforms us, and makes us able to love.” ~Pope Francis

Please review the following information to prepare for your child’s first day of school in Grades 1-8 on Tuesday September 7th or Wednesday September 8th.

First Day of School Procedures 2021

Daily Screening for COVID-19 Symptoms

Self-screening must be completed each day before a student attends school by using the Ontario School and Child Care Screening Tool. If a student does not pass the self-screening, they are to remain home and follow the direction given on the screening tool. To ensure the safety of all students and staff, students are not permitted to enter the school building until the self-screening has been completed. ​

Confirmation of Screening

Confirmation of screening must be submitted daily to classroom teachers for the first two weeks of school (unless directed otherwise by the Ministry of Education). This process will occur through a student log that will be brought to school each day. Alternately, students who have smart phones can show their teacher the “green pass” from the Ontario School Screening Tool. For the first day of school, please utilize one of the following methods to confirm screening:

  1. Write a note to your child’s teacher
  2. Email your child’s teacher to confirm completion of screening.
  3. Students who have a smart phone can show their teacher the “green pass” from the Ontario School Screening Tool.

Grade 1-8- First Day ( September 7 & September 8)

Grade 1-8 teachers will greet students on the back pavement. Signs will be placed on clipboards to indicate the teacher and where each class will gather. Please send your child to the appropriate area once you arrive. We kindly ask that parents do not enter the school yard.

Direct Entry Grade 1-8 (beginning Thursday September 9th, 2021)

Direct entry will begin for Grades 1-8 at 8:25am. Please see the list of entry/exit doors below and the classroom teacher will review this procedure with students, confirming where they will enter the school building. Staff will be available outside, and in the hallways to support direct entry. Room numbers were shared with parents in the class placement emails. This process is what we have used in the past for inclement weather.

Entrance and Exit doors are as follows:

  • Door #1(Front of School) – Grade 1(Morning Entrance) and Dismissal Door #7
  • Door #3 – (Intermediate Back Door)– Junior Intermediate Students (Grade 5-8)
  • Door #7– (Primary Back Door) Primary Students (Grade 2 & 3)
  • Kindergarten Door #9 – Students will enter directly through this door into their classrooms (Dismissal routine will be communicated by K teams to parents)
  • Portable Classes will enter and exit the portable (Nixon Gr.4, Hough Gr.3/4, Fuca Gr.7, Goncalves Gr.5)

To further support health and safety on school premises, we ask the following:

  • All adults accessing the school wear a non-medical mask when distancing cannot be maintained (ie. drop off and pick up times)
  • Parents/guardians are not permitted access to the school yard
  • Do not leave your vehicle when using the Kiss and Ride
  • Do not congregate at drop off/pick up locations around the school

St. Matthew Return to School Plan 2021

Please review the following plan, which is specific to our school site:

St. Matthew Staff 2021-2022

Here is the link to our wonderful Staff for this school year.  We also extend a warm welcome to our new staff joining our school for staff on leave of absence:

St. Matthew Parish News

  • St. Matthew Parish will focus on sacramental preparation for our Grade 2 students who will celebrate their First Communion this year, and Grade 7 students for their upcoming Confirmation celebration.  Information packages are being prepared for parents of these children. 
  • If you have any specific questions, please contact Fr. Allan Varlaki directly at or by telephone at 905-825-0219 (Ext. 225). For information about the parish and the mass schedule, please check out
Gojmerac, AnnieCommunity Update-Opening Procedures September 7, 2021