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Community Update: May 31 2021

June has arrived and throughout the month, we will join schools in our district in raising awareness and nurturing our call to build safe and inclusive learning environments where every student and every member of the community is welcomed, valued, and respected. 

HCDSB Rainbow Day

We will begin our month of June with Rainbow Day on Tuesday, June 1st.  Students and staff are encouraged to dress in their most colourful clothes as we celebrate the rainbow – a sign of God’s promise to love us and a symbol of inclusion for all in our community!

We All Belong in Our Catholic School

At St. Matthew CES, we believe that we are all created in the image and likeness of God, and we honour the dignity in each person by treating one another with care, compassion and respect.  We are committed to nurturing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment for all of our students – regardless of their race, gender identity, gender expression, disability, sex, sexual orientation, creed, or age. To learn more about our commitment to Equity and Inclusive Education, please take a few minutes to read Responding with Faith, Hope & Love.

St. Matthew Parish


Celebrations of First Communion and Confirmation open to all families in our parish have been scheduled for July and August. Online registration begins Sunday, May 23 at 4 PM. More dates will be available in the Fall.


Sunday May 30 is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. The Deuteronomist behind the First Reading is marvelling at a reality that awestruck the faithful of ancient Israel: that God was willing to draw close to his people, to address and commune with them directly. He had always seemed too important, too mysterious, too holy for that. Ask now of the days of old…did anything so great ever happen before? Centuries later, the Lord confirms the same revelation to his apostles. Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. Thousands of years since it was first revealed, humanity continues to struggle with the incredulousness of the fact that God’s interior life includes us; but it does!

Please click on the following link for Parish information and the Parish YouTube channel.  

P.A. Day– Friday June 4th

Please note that Friday June 4, 2021 is a Professional Development day for staff. No online instruction will be provided for students on this day.


If you are aware that you will not be returning to St. Matthew Catholic School in September, please let the office know, you can call 905-847-0088. We are planning for next year and having the most updated information is very helpful.

Free Family Paint Nights

Our HCDSB Indigenous Education Advisor has organized three free on-line paint nights with Indigenous Artist Moses Lunham.  This is a wonderful way of engaging staff, parents, students and family members to come together in community, to be creative and learn more about Indigenous Art.  All information for the paint nights, pictures and supplies will be posted on the HCDSB webpage.

Each session will have a different theme based on the natural cycle of the environment.  All sessions will be on the HCDSB YouTube Channel from 6 pm – 8 pm.

  • Wednesday June 9th, 2021 – Strawberry being the First Fruit of the Season

Moses Lunham will provide step-by-step instructions, provide encouragement and has agreed to leave the live video up for a period of one week between each session. 

McCarthy’s Uniforms

As we continue to navigate COVID-19 together, we are pleased to share an update on enhanced options for buying your school uniform in 2021. Our school uniform provider, McCarthy Uniforms, has three enhanced options for shopping:  Updated school e-stores, private appointments and a web-supported call-center. 

You are encouraged to shop early and utilize these alternative channels to avoid late-August line ups. Long wait times will be the reality this year, given that McCarthy’s must adhere to strict social distancing measures and simply can’t accept normal in-store volumes. In some cases, only five customers will be permitted in stores at any one time.

McCarthy’s has informed us that to support families during this time they have implemented an installment payment program (online only), introduced volume discount buying options and invested in a variety of web support tools to make online shopping easy & fast!  All school uniform products can be exchanged for up to a year and returned until September.

There are three ways to shop for your school uniform:   1. Your School E-Store Did you know your school has a custom e-store, complete with fit videos, uniform guides and specialized advice? Visit your school store by ‘searching for your school’ on McCarthy Uniforms’ home page. McCarthy’s recently launched a handy web chat feature and have staffed their call-centre so that you can have the support you need if you need some help along the way !  Online shoppers can also now enjoy the industry’s first flexible payment plan (interest-free payments over six weeks !)
Shop online by ‘searching for our school’ at:
  2. Private Appointments Available When stores are permitted to reopen after June 14th, appointments will be made available for virtual or in store shopping. To manage your time, you can book an appointment on your home store, accessible on the website below.
Book a personalized fitting by choosing ‘book an appointment’ on your home store site accessible on: (search for your school; appointment booking buttons are located on your school e-store)
  3. Your School Call Centre Your call-centre is open for shopping !  By giving McCarthy’s a shout at 416-593-6900 or toll-free at 1-800-668-8261 Alex and his team would be happy to assist you with your school uniform purchase or questions ! McCarthy’s call centre is staffed with uniform specialists who know the ins & outs of our uniform policy.
Call McCarthy’s at: 416-593-6900 or 1-800-668-8261

Promoting Well-Being – Bring Peace into Your Home:

  1. Speak Kindly
  2. Forgive Quickly
  3. Work Cheerfully
  4. Pray Frequently
  5. Stand Firmly

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