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Student Belongings Pick-Up and Borrowed Items Drop-off

St. Matthew – Access to School for Personal Belongings & to Drop Off Borrowed Items

As noted in previous communications, a protocol has now been established to allow temporary access to our school for families to retrieve any personal belongings that may have been left in the school during the school closure period, and to return any borrowed items. 

Based on the recommendations of Health Canada regarding physical distancing and in consultation with Halton Region Public Health, our school staff will facilitate a curbside approach for pick up and drop off on Wednesday, June 24th.

Pick Up & Drop Off Items:
The following items apply for pick up: 

  • Personal student belongings
  • EpiPens® or other medications

The following items apply for drop off (must be returned): 

  • Technology (devices) borrowed 
  • Special education equipment 
  • Sports uniforms/equipment (Hockey, basketball uniforms, etc.)
  • Library books and textbooks

*Please label all items with student’s name – thank you.

Please note that all devices will need to be returned by the end of June unless students are enrolled in a summer learning program and they require the device for learning. In this case, please inform our administration.

Next Steps:
Scheduled Times Wednesday, June 24th Please see below for instructions on choosing your family’s individual time.

Instructions (Please note that this link will close on Monday, June 22nd at 11:00 pm):
1. Go to the scheduling webpage at:
2. Enter the Access Code (stmatt20 – case sensitive) and click “Sign In”
     Please make a note of your Confirmation #
3. Fill in your contact information and click “Continue to Make Appointments”
4. Click on the alpha range that corresponds with your child’s last name
5. Click on “Available” for a time at which you wish to attend the school
6. Click on “My Schedule” (top left of page) – Please record your appointment time and location as stated below.


At time of Pick Up on June 24th:
Your child(ren)’s belongings will be on a table, gathered into a labeled “Family Bag”.  Please report to the specific station (please see table below) at your appointment time, following the signage that will be posted.   We respectfully ask that every effort be made to be on time.

Family Last NamesStation # and Location (Click On Locations for Maps)
A-DStation 3 – Front Driveway
E-LStation 1 – Kiss & Ride
M-RStation 4 – Front Driveway
S-ZStation 2 – Kiss & Ride


  • There will be designated bins for items to be dropped off (textbooks, tech/devices, Library books, sports uniforms) at the curbside “stations” for pick-up/drop off.
  • We would respectfully ask that returned items be labelled with your child(ren)’s names so that we can track outstanding items.
  • Please note that only parents or guardians will be permitted to arrive at the school site. Students will not be able to access the school or playground.
  • Prior to your scheduled drop-off or pick up time frame, you are required to read the full list of instructions outlined in the Parent Protocol for Retrievals and Returns
  • This protocol explains in full detail what to expect as we provide temporary access to our school.
  • The following safety precautions must also be practiced by all individuals visiting our school site to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us:  and/or

As always, please continue to follow the advice and recommendations of our Public Health professionals.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we provide temporary access to our school in a safe and secure manner. Stay well, as you continue to take good care of your family.

Your Partners in Catholic Education,

V. Chininea                 M. Simon

Principal                      Vice Principal

Elementary PrincipalStudent Belongings Pick-Up and Borrowed Items Drop-off