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Weekly Update – April 20th-24th

Parent Resources:

Please see the Learning from Home link from our homepage for various resources regarding learning at home and other supports available to parents and families. In case you missed the email from the board last week, they also released a Distance Learning Plan, which includes details of your child’s programming during the COVID – 19 school closure. We appreciate your patience and support during this time as we continue to work through issues as they emerge.

Refunds for Hot Lunch Programs:
As we mentioned last week, due to the current circumstances related to COVID-19 and uncertainty around a return to school, the school board has cancelled all hot lunch programs for the remainder of the year. The board is currently working with us to confirm the process for refunding those who pre-purchased on our cash online system. Parents who paid with cheques will be issued a refund when schools reopen. If you submitted orders with Kidssentials, please click here for more information.
Earth Day 2020:
Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of this celebrated event. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. God calls each of us to be good stewards of our planet earth. Pope Francis reminds us of this call in “A Prayer for our Earth”. Click HERE to access this prayer for your family.
Class Placements for 2020-2021 School Year:
Please carefully read the file below if you feel parental input is necessary for the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you. Input for Class Placements – 2020-2021
Are You Moving?
If you are aware that you will not be returning to St. Matthew CES in September, please let the office know (you can email Mrs. Trudell: We are starting preliminary planning for next year and having the most updated information is very helpful when we look at numbers for class organization. Thank you.
2019-2020 Yearbooks:
After much thought, we have decided to continue with the creation of our yearbook for this year. With your help, we plan on creating a snapshot of this year, including a special section to document this unprecedented time in our lives. However, we need your help! Please see the link below to read for further details and instructions on how to send photos.
Letter to Parents – 19-20 Yearbook Photos
Math Challenge:
As we mentioned last week, we will post weekly challenges in our updates, with live links to post answers! The links below for our new questions will be updated tomorrow!
Primary Challenge (Gr. 1-3) / Junior Challenge (Gr. 4-6) / Intermediate Challenge (Gr. 7-8)
Congratulations to last week’s challenge winners!
Primary – Emma H. (Gr. 1); Junior – Elizabeth P. (Gr. ); Intermediate – Irelyn F. (Gr. 8).

Please see the St. Matthew Parish website for current updates from our parish.

Keeping all of you in our thoughts,

Mr. Simon and Mr. Chininea

Elementary PrincipalWeekly Update – April 20th-24th