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School Update – April 5th

Prayer for Holy Week
Christ our God, your love is poured out in death for our sake. Hold us in your embrace as we wait for Easter’s dawn. Comfort us with the promise that no power on earth, not even death itself, can separate us from your love; and strengthen us to wait until you are revealed to us in all your risen glory. Amen.
This Holy Week is unlike any other for most of us. Despite the circumstances we find ourselves in, we must all pause from the distractions around us to pray for each other and our community. Today, Palm Sunday, marks the beginning of Holy Week, where we are reminded of Jesus’ final days and ultimate sacrifice. We keep everyone in the St. Matthew School community in our thoughts and prayers this Holy Week and wish your family peace as we approach the holiest days in our year.
Please note – No online learning will be posted on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Distance Learning – Starting April 6th:

As we have been communicating over the last number of days, we will begin our distance learning on the various online learning platforms tomorrow (if you have not heard from your child’s teacher, please check you junk mail/clutter folders in your email). Please use this time to familiarize yourself with the online learning platforms, tools, and to explore the options.  As we initiate this new form of learning, our goal is to help our community and staff feel connected and supported.  Our teaching staff has been working to set up their chosen learning platform and are slowly posting lessons, materials and work for our students. Our goal is not to overwhelm anyone at this time.  We recognize that you are managing work demands, while looking after family members and the learning of multiple children in your home. We as staff members find ourselves in the same difficult situation. We expect that in the first week or so, we will experience glitches, oversights and some frustration. We completely understand that some will need more time to adjust to this new form of learning. Likewise, we ask for your patience and understanding.  If you need help or support, please do not hesitate to contact us or the classroom teacher(s).  

As part of this plan for online learning, the Ministry has outlined the minimum expectations for student work-time in a given week based on learning materials and work assigned by your child’s teacher. The teachers will plan for the following guidelines:
Kindergarten to grade 3: 5 hours of work per student per week, with a focus on literacy and math (other subjects integrated as appropriate);
Grades 4-6: 5 hours of work per week, with a focus on literacy, math,
science, and social studies
(other subjects integrated as appropriate);
Grades 7-8: 10 hours of work per week, with a focus on math, literacy, science and social studies

Teachers will be interacting intermittently with students in their learning/teaching platform and will also be available to answer parent questions by email or other established modes of communication. We kindly ask that you allow a reasonable amount of time for responses, especially as we adjust over the next few weeks. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

  • Please click HERE for access to the Board’s Digital Learning Resources, posted on our homepage.

Important – Survey & Next Steps for Accessing Technology for Distance Learning:
As you have hopefully seen, we asked families to complete a short survey to help us determine our community needs for accessing the new distance learning starting this week. If you have not had an opportunity to complete the survey (especially if you require WiFi connection or devices for your children), please click here. We must close this survey this afternoon to gather our data.
Next Steps for Obtaining Technology? Parents who have identified a need for technology will be emailed separately, outlining two mandatory requirements:
1.) Complete the board acknowledgement (link will be provided); 2.) Be available on Tuesday, April 7th for a safe, scheduled pick up at the school. *When the Board acknowledgement has been completed, you will be emailed a time & location (at St. Matthew) for pick up on Tuesday, April 7th. Protocols for safety measures will be in place.

Mental Health & Well-being:

The measures in place to slow the spread of COVID – 19 has changed the way of life for everyone. We recognize this is not easy and this isolation may be impacting the overall well-being of someone in your family or yourself. Please know that you can contact us if you require any support. However, you may also reach out to the Halton Region (311 by phone) for assistance. Need help talking to your children about COVID-19, searching to support your health or need to obtain food? Please click here.

Interested In A Little Math Challenge?
We will post weekly challenges in our updates, with live links to post answers! Please click below for our first challenge:

We sincerely hope that you are all doing well.

Take Care,

M. Simon and V. Chininea

Elementary PrincipalSchool Update – April 5th