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Celebrating our Students: Award of Excellence and Spirit of Inclusion Awards

Each year, the Halton Catholic District School Board asks each school to select two distinguished award recipients. This year, St. Matthew Catholic School congratulates grade 8 students, Emma Braho and Luca Baggetta, for receiving the Student Award of Excellence and Spirit of Inclusion Award respectively. Please read below for further details!

Emma Braho (left) and Luca Baggetta (right)


This award is presented to recognize excellence within our student population. Each elementary and secondary school selects one student award recipient.

This year we are very pleased to recognize grade 8 student, Emma Braho, as the St. Matthew Catholic School recipient. Emma has been selected as she demonstrates Catholic leadership qualities on a daily basis, not only through her high degree of commitment to her studies but through her leadership at St. Matthew Catholic School. Emma realizes her social responsibilities to bring the Gospel values to those in our Catholic school community by practicing the Catholic social teaching instilled throughout the day.


This award recognizes a student in our school who demonstrates the spirit of inclusion, involvement in extra-curricular activities, school spirit, random acts of friendship and kindness. This year’s recipient is a grade 8 student who always goes out of his way to help others, quietly leading his peers to make the right choices. He possesses a unique ability to quietly connect with others, demonstrating dignity, kindness and respect for everyone he interacts with. Congratulations to this year’s recipient, Luca Baggetta.

We are incredibly proud of both Emma and Luca!

Elementary PrincipalCelebrating our Students: Award of Excellence and Spirit of Inclusion Awards