About Our School

About Our School

St. Mary Catholic School, named in honour of our Blessed Mother, opened its doors to approximately 325 students on September 5, 2012. St. Mary stands as a reminder of the very first Catholic elementary school to open in Halton. The Halton Catholic District School Board traces its roots back to 1856 when Father Morgan Rex-Ryan and Robyn Smith founded St. Mary’s School – the first Catholic elementary school in Oakville to establish education programs for Catholic children in the town of Oakville. At this time, St. Mary’s school was situated on the grounds of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church on Reynolds Street. The original building was eventually demolished in order to make room for a growing parish community. How very blessed we are to have the opportunity to respect our traditions while creating a brand new Catholic school community.

School Hours

Supervision begins in our yard at 8:40 am. Our warning bell rings at 8:52 am allowing the students to know that it is time to gather in their lines ready to enter the school building. There is no need to run to the line as we have built in time to safely gather and begin the day calmly!  A second bell rings at 8:55 am and teachers will then escort their students to their classrooms.

Within the school day, our first recess is from 10:25 am – 10:40 am at which time our students enjoy fresh air and play. The lunch hour takes place from 12:00 am – 1:00 pm. Our final break in the day takes place from 2:20 pm – 2:35 pm and is also outside as long as weather permits. Dismissal is at 3:25 pm.

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