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Weekly Update: November 8, 2021

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


School Photo Day this MONDAY and TUESDAY

On Monday November 8 we will have our school pictures taken by Edge Imaging for all Grade 5, 6, 7 and 8 students. On Tuesday we will take all Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3 and 4 student pictures. We are pleased to have this NEW date as we should have our photos back in time for Christmas. Please see this attachment for more details.

National Aboriginal Veterans Day

This November 8th is National Aboriginal Veterans Day, a day of remembrance and commemoration of the contributions of Indigenous veterans in the First and Second World Wars, as well as the Korean War. This Aboriginal Veterans Day, we would like to express our gratitude for the contributions Indigenous veterans have made to Canada and the world.

Remembrance Day Liturgy

On Thursday, November 11th our school will be participating in a remembrance day liturgy. All students will receive a poppy to wear on that day – donations are welcome.

Everyday counts

It is imperative that students attend school on a regular basis and on time.  Students are more likely to succeed in school when they attend consistently.  Please make sure to continue with your positive daily routines to ensure that all students arrive on time and ready to learn for the day.

Start time

Our School day begins at 8:55 a.m. and our supervision begins at 8:40. Please remind your children they are not to enter the school until 8:40 when our supervision is in place. Thank you!!

School Fundraiser

We are so grateful for your generous donations. We have exceeded our goal of $25, 000. Our top Classes from each division will be receiving the prize of their choice. We also have prizes for each class that had 100 percent participation.


Kindergarten: Marai and Devine

Primary: Amodeo

Junior: Roseheart

Intermediate: Csikos

100 percent participation: Ashley-Smith, Barker, Di Persio, and Busija!!!!

Lucky Draw winner: Nickolas Andrade from Mastrella’s Class

Each class will choose from: Pizza Party, Sundae Party, Extra Recess, Extra Gym, Technology Period or an idea that they have that has been approved by the office!

11th Annual HCCF Evening with Bishop Crosby – Virtual Edition

Wed. Nov. 17, 2021 – Reception at 6:30pm; Main Event at 7:00-8:30pm

The Halton Catholic Children’s Foundation (HCCF) supports HCDSB students in need with basic necessities (i.e. food and clothing) & with school activities that have a fee (i.e. team or club fees).

“With this funding the foundation has gratefully reduced the stress impacting the family and helped to ensure access to basic needs.” – HCDSB Social Worker

HCCF needs our help so they can continue to say “yes” to helping HCDSB students with financial barriers to learning.

 It is NOT another Zoom call. We are using so you can have fun and interact with your friends. Enjoy a meal and your favourite beverage while you catch up with others.

Join the Halton Catholic Community for an entertaining experience where you can connect with your friends and hear Bishop Crosby’s stories, sense of humour and wisdom. Our St. Mary Catholic School Council has limited tickets available. If you are interested in attending email to see if we have any St. Mary tickets left.

For more information visit

St. Matthew Catholic Parish News

Follow St. Matthew Catholic Church on Social Media and keep up to date with all that is happening in our parish! There are four ways to connect to the parish:


As many of our regular weekly Mass attendees are discovering, reserving space in our church on weekends is becoming increasingly competitive. Walk-in attendees and those who wait until late in the week (Friday or Saturday) are unlikely to find Masses with available space. Preference and privilege are shown to no one in this process; as it just, all available space is allocated through Eventbrite on a first-come-first served basis. If you’re concerned about making sure there’s room for you and your family, the best course of action is diligence! Please be reminded that as long as we are required to maintain physical distance between persons of differing households, the need to register for weekend Masses will remain resolutely in place. Thank you for your cooperation with the minor detail.

From the Pastor’s Desk… By the grace of God and with no small amount of help from our parish volunteers and staff, we completed our “makeup” celebrations of First Communion and Confirmation this past Sunday. Taking a few days to catch our breath, Fr. Patrick and I were right back at it on Wednesday evening, hosting a ZOOM meeting with more than 200 Grade 7 students preparing for Confirmation next year. It was a refreshing change to prepare parents for an impending positive change in the pandemic restrictions we’ll face at these celebrations. It was also nice to debut a refreshed programme of sacramental preparation and a set of new resources. They seemed to resonate with the young people, and we’re looking forward to continuing the journey at meetings and retreats scheduled for the coming months. Grade 2 students will be here next week for in-person preparation for First Reconciliation…and some paper sheep-making. As part of our continued (and continuous) appeal for volunteers, we’d love to build a team of parishioners enthusiastic about working with young people to help with events like this. Reach out to myself or Fr. Patrick by phone, email or after Mass if you’re interested. We’d love to have you!

~ Father Allen

Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Saint Matthew Conference – Christmas Angel Tree Program

  • We ask, if you are able, to contribute towards our Christmas Angel Tree program.  We are requesting cash/cheque donations that we can use to purchase grocery and gift cards in bulk at a discount.  Cheques can be made out to Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – St Matthew.  There is also an online donation portal that you may access on our website: Should you wish to purchase a grocery/gift card yourself, we require $25 grocery cards from Metro, Sobeys, President’s Choice and Walmart, and $10 gift cards from Shoppers Drug Mart, Dollarama and Tim Hortons. Envelopes can be dropped off up until December 3, 2021, at the church office and there is also a locked drop box outside both entrances of the church that can be used as well. Please address the envelopes to SSVP – Saint Matthew.  Should anyone have questions, they can be directed to Jennifer Monte at or that of the conference: Distribution will begin the week of December 6, 2021.

The Use of Technology at School

When relevant to curriculum and instruction, teachers may permit the use of any board owned or personal electronic device in a manner that meets the current policy as a classroom learning device, and to develop competency with the following learning strategies:

  • Becoming a Digital Citizen;
  • Understand Technology Operations and Concepts;
  • Creativity and Innovation;
  • Research and Information Fluency;
  • Communication and Collaboration;
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

In the event that a student needs to contact their parent, they can do so, with teacher permission and supervision, using their own cell phone. However, we kindly ask that parents / guardians refrain from attempting to contact their child during the day through their child’s cell phone. In the event of a family emergency, the appropriate method to contact your child during the school day is through the school office.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

“We know that parents have an important role to play in supporting student learning. Studies show that students perform better in school if their parents or guardians are involved in their education. This is the basis for the principle that students and parents should be kept fully informed about the student’s progress.” ~ Growing Success, page 8.

Progress Reports will be coming home on Wednesday November 24th. We will be holding Parent-Teacher Interviews for Kindergarten to Grade 8 students virtually during the evening of Thursday November 25, 2021, and during the day on Friday November 26, 2021.  This year you will once again be able to schedule your Parent-Teacher Interviews online. More information on booking your interview will be sent home to families in a school messenger email.

Mental Health Update –

School Mental Health Ontario has put together a series of 12 mental health activities designed for parents and families to try at home. They’re connected to six areas of social-emotional learning and are available as a PDF file or graphics. Check out the link copied below for access to these fun activities! 

Easy and Fun Mental Health Activities for Home –This is a series of 12 mental health activities designed for parents and families to try at home. They’re connected to six areas of social-emotional learning and are available as a PDF file or graphics. Download a PDF file with all activities. Manage stress How children cope with stress varies depending on their age and abilities.

Promoting Well-Being – 10 tips for non-sporty parents

 ~ Sara Smeaton

If you are like me and sports haven’t played a major role in your life, you might be having challenges figuring out how to raise active kids. Encouraging sports doesn’t always come naturally to a lot of us who are “rather curl up on the couch with a book” types, but when asked if we want our kids to be active for life, of course, the answer is an emphatic yes! So, here are my top tips for non-sporty parents to get you and your kids started down the road to physical literacy.

  1. You are probably sportier than you think. Do you walk, do yoga, garden? Can you remember what activities you enjoyed as a kid? Even if you weren’t a team sports guy or gal chances are that you liked something, maybe dance, karate, swimming, wall ball, or skipping?
  2. See it as a growth opportunity. Maybe you’ve looked at yourself one way all your life but it’s never too late to change your own perceptions.
  3. Introduce them to lots of different activities. Something’s got to stick! Your kids may or may not gravitate to team sports, especially when they are little, but you can help them find an activity they like that will give them confidence to try more and more.
  4. Encourage their interests. Sometimes catching the wave of enthusiasm can be a tricky manoeuvre. Pay close attention and be ready to jump in when they perk up at a certain activity, sport or game.
  5. Read kids books on sports with your children, or watch kids movies about sports. Do you have a little reader? Find some sports-themed books to stir their interest. And check out our list of 10 sports movies to watch with kids.
  6. Appoint someone as your kids’ “sports godparents”. Do you have a friend or family member that loves to toss the ball around or shoot hoops? Ask them to spend some time with your children; they’ll all probably end up having a blast!
  7. Start a group of like-minded non-sporty parents. You might be surprised how many of your friends feel the same way you do. Make a date with another family to go bowling, skating or for a group hike.
  8. Make a game out of it! Have all the family members earn “Physical Activity Points”: i.e., 10 points for walking to school, 15 points for biking, 20 points for dance class, 20 points for mom’s spin class etc. Then reward the family with a group outing somewhere fun on the weekend if the family achieved its goal.
  9. Set a good example. Spend some time each day walking, biking, etc. Just focus on being active and let your kids see you doing it.
  10. Don’t stress about it. Physical activity is about having fun and being healthy; don’t let this become another item on your “ways I’m failing as a parent” list.

And remember, knowledge is power. Equip yourself with the information you need to help your kids be successful in sports. You’ll find great information and tips by looking around Active for Life.


No hate in Halton

We all have a responsibility to work towards eliminating hate. Through a collaborative approach involving our Police Service, the Halton and Catholic District School Boards, French Catholic BoardConseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir, French School BoardConseil Scolaire Viamonde, Crime Stoppers of Halton and
community stakeholders, we are launching an anti-hate
awareness campaign.

During the week of Nov 8th – 12th, our goal is to eliminate all forms of hate in our Region by bringing anti-hate awareness
and education to school-aged youth and the broader community in Halton.

TWITTER: @haltonpolice
INSTAGRAM: @haltonpolice
FACEBOOK: @HaltonPoliceService

The hashtag that we will be using for this campaign will be #NoHateInHalton

St. Mary Tips

Everyone has periods of feeling anxious, however, some feel as though they have no control over how their body is reacting and aren’t able to function in their day-to-day lives. Some signs that your child might have anxiety are excessive worry, sleep disturbance, panic attacks, nausea or muscle tension. Seeking the right support early is key.  The Children’s Anxiety Group is a cognitive-behavioural group for children with, or at risk of, anxiety disorders. The goals of the group are to teach children to recognize emotional and physiological symptoms of anxiety and to learn to more accurately appraise anxious situations. The children also learn strategies (e.g., coping, self-talk, relaxation) to help them manage their levels of anxiety. (For more information visit ROCK)

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