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Weekly Update October 25-29

Let us never forget to pray for each other. Prayer is our greatest strength.

~ Pope Frances

School Photos

Save the date! We will be having photos taken on Thursday December 2 and Friday December 3, 2021. Please be sure to save the date! Say Cheese!!!

Save the date!!!!

Lunch Days

PIZZA and Lunch Lady will be resuming in November. The first Pizza day will be Tuesday November 16, 2021. We will be selling individually boxed slices to meet our safety protocols. The pricing and purchasing details will follow with the ordering information.

Dressing for the Weather

The only times children get a break from wearing their masks is when they are eating and when they are outside. For this reason, except in extreme weather conditions, such as a downpour or thunderstorm, we will attempt to go outside for every recess.

Because we have staggered the recesses, there are many fewer children outside at any one time. We have found, given our fewer numbers, that the children can safely carry umbrellas outside at recess.

Please Remember

Please remember to pack utensils and a water bottle with your child(ren)’s lunch. We do have plastic utensils and plastic cups at the office, but they should be for emergencies only. We are going through them very quickly and we would prefer to use our school funds on other items that support student engagement and learning!


Thank you to the many families who have already donated to our Halloween Fundraiser!

This will be our single major fundraiser this school year. We depend on the funds raised by our families to support us so that we can purchase special programs, technologies, and recess equipment for our students. No donation is too small, every little bit counts! Some things we are hoping to use our fundraising dollars for this year include Smart boards for classrooms that need them, special programs and speakers and more equipment for outdoor recess.

There will be prizes for the FDK, Primary, Junior and Intermediate classes that have the greatest participation. Classes will be able to choose from: pizza party, movie day, technology party, sundae party, pajama day, or any request that receives principal approval.

St. Matthew Catholic Parish News

Follow St. Matthew Catholic Church on Social Media and keep up to date with all that is happening in our parish! There are four ways to connect to the parish:

From the Pastor’s Desk…

September was an exhilarating month, and it’s a significant accomplishment to be up-to-date with Confirmations. October will round things out by bringing countless now-Grade 3 students to the day of their First Communion on weekends as full as the last four. It’s also the month we’ve chosen to welcome, in a special way, the young people of our parish preparing to celebrate sacraments in the new year. We’ve invited all our candidates (more than 600 in total) to attend a weekend Mass of their choosing from Oct. 16 to Nov. 7. At each of these celebrations, we’ll offer a special blessing and give the worshipping community the chance to show them and their families a sign of their welcome in our midst. Will it add a minute or two to Mass? Sure. Will it get repetitive? Absolutely. These are the realities of a young and vibrant community, and they’re great ‘problems’ to have. It’s our obligation to hand on the Gospel, and to do so with joy and enthusiasm. Here’s an easy opportunity to do just that. Clap loudly and congratulate any candidates seated nearby!

Welcome Aboard! We’re pleased to welcome Cathie Orlanski to our parish staff as Pastoral Assistant – Coordinator of Sacramental Preparation. You may not know this, but Cathie’s been doing the job for several years (since well before the pandemic) as a volunteer, backing up the Pastoral Team with all the organization, recordkeeping, and documentation that make it possible for us to celebrate First Communion and Confirmation with more than five hundred young people annually. With some administrative duties added to this part-time position, it made sense to hire someone formally, and we were thrilled when Cathie applied. A dedicated and active member of the community, she’s also instrumental in our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society and our programme of volunteer screening. Our only real concern was that another parish might scoop her up before we had room on our team and in our budget!

~ Father Allen Varlaki

Public Health Update for Schools

  • This Public Health Update for Schools contains information, updates and resources from Halton Region Public Health on a variety of program areas.
  • Previous editions of the Public Health Update for schools are available on the School Years Program webpage.
  • Thank you for your continued support and partnership in keeping our community safe and healthy.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call 311.

Halton’s COVID-19 School and Child Care Information webpage includes information on:

  • frequently asked questions about COVID-19 in schools and childcare;
  • educational materials for parents; and
  • the Youth COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

For more information about COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus) webpages.

Promoting WellBeing – Taking Care of your Mental Health

October 2021 Special Edition Newsletter

  • Find someone you trust, such as family, friends, coaches or teachers, and tell them how you feel. It is important to be open about your feelings.
  • Make time to take care of yourself, take breaks and do fun and relaxing things. It can be helpful to try to treat yourself the way you would treat a friend. What would you tell or suggest to a friend who was feeling the same way as you?
  • If you are having trouble with high levels of stress, worries or sadness, talk to your medical team about helping you find someone who can help. This can be a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker or another mental health professional. There are people who specialize in helping children and teens living with a chronic condition.

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