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Weekly Update- May 10-14th, 2021

“Motherhood has the greatest potential influence in human life”- unknown

On Mother’s Day, we hope that you will take the time to say thanks to all the Moms in your life and pray that their days are showered with love and blessings.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our St. Mary Mothers, Grandmothers, and Mother Figures.

School Council Meeting – May 10th

Our next Council Meeting on Monday, May 10th, will be conducted virtually through Microsoft TEAMs at 6:30 PM. A link to the online meeting will be emailed to members before the meeting. Should parents who are not on council want to attend the meeting, you can request the link by contacting the office.

Dress Loud Day – May 14th

May is Speech and Hearing Month and is a time to raise public awareness about hearing, speech, language, and communication. As a part of May Month activities, The Halton Chapter of VOICE for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children is launching their annual Dress Loud Day. Dress Loud is a school spirit day that encourages all participants to dress in their loudest, wackiest outfits to create awareness about the impact of hearing loss. We will celebrate this day on Friday, May14th so we encourage all our students and staff to DRESS LOUD!!!! Tweet out your pictures by tagging our school @StMaryOakville and using the hashtag #HCDSBdressloud

School Climate Survey – Your Opinion Counts!

At the Halton Catholic District School Board, we want our school communities to be safe and welcoming places. School Climate Surveys are conducted every two years to gather information from parents, students, and staff to help us create and sustain safe and welcoming schools.

All parents in our school community are invited to complete the School Climate Parent Survey. The survey will be available online from May 10, 2021, through May 24, 2021. Parents are encouraged to check their email inbox, as they would have received an email invitation to complete the survey online.  This voluntary survey is completely confidential, and respondents will remain anonymous. The survey asks parents to share their thoughts on their child(ren)’s school environment.

If you have any questions or you would like more information about the survey, please contact Research and Development Services at We value your input and greatly appreciate your support!

HCDSB Help Desk for Remote Learners

Attendance during Remote Instruction

In the event that your son/daughter is unable to attend remote instruction for any reason, please report their absence using School Messenger. Staff will take attendance twice daily as always – at the start of the day and after lunch. Please note that if your child is late signing on, you will receive a notification from the school. We appreciate your help with ensuring this information is reported accurately and efficiently. Each grade level will follow their regular scheduled recess and lunch time breaks.

Looking Ahead-2021/2022 Student Class Placement

Although we are not in the building, preparations are now being made to ensure that our school is organized for the 2021/2022 school year. Normally our teachers would ask your child/ren who are their LEARNING FRIENDS that they would like to have in their class next year. Every effort is then made to ensure that your child is placed in a classroom with one or two LEARNING FRIENDS.

This year, we are asking for your help to complete this form together with each one of your children, so that we can collect this valuable information. Please ensure that you complete one form per child by May 21, 2021.

Teachers will be working hard on student class placements in the coming months.  As you can appreciate, many hours of meetings and consultations go into the class building process to ensure the appropriate placement of all students.  When building a class, teachers look at the following criteria to develop heterogeneous groupings:

  • Balance of ability (academic skills)
  • Balance according to gender
  • Learning style (how the learner learns)
  • Teaching style (how the teacher teaches)
  • Social blending (who gets along with whom)
  • Parental input (re: learning style of student only)

Please note that parental input is important to us but must be weighed with the other criteria. Specific teacher requests cannot be considered.  Rather, if necessary, parental input, in the form of an email to the Principal, should focus on the learning style of the student and the type of environment in which he/she learns best. Emails should be sent to Ms. Dobbie no later than Friday, May 21, 2021

Remember, once again, that as a staff, many discussions and reflections are put into the class building process.  We will have over 800 students in September.  We do our very best to develop classes that will be formed in order to maximize opportunities for each child to learn and be successful!  Your trust in our professional judgment is appreciated!


If your child(ren) will not be returning to St. Mary in September, please email Mrs. DaSilva at to let our office staff know as soon as possible. This information is helpful to us as we begin to consider our classes for next year. We appreciate your help and support.

St. Mary Tips

Positive ways to respond to your child’s negative self-talk

  1. Acknowledge the Feeling not the Words:

If you can search out what you child is feeling, and name it, you can help your child to identify what’s bothering them and begin to separate that problem from their own self-worth.

2. Use Specific praise to show your child how great they are doing:
Praising a child’s efforts is one of the best ways to focus your child’s attention on the problem-solving tools they are using to get through a situation.

3.  Talk about having a Growth Mindset:
Practise by being resilient & pressing forward on a long-term goal. Let them see you make mistakes while never losing sight of the end. Talk about the fact that the family is achieving every day, despite setbacks & failures.

4.  Create an affectionate welcoming home:
When you give your children a strong, warm base to return to, they’re able to explore & experiment because they accept that they’ll be loved no matter the results of their efforts.

We thank you for your continued attention to crucial Public Health Measures at this critical point in the fight against COVID-19:

We continue to draw on our faith and offer prayers for the safety and well-being of those who are sick and those who are working on the frontlines to care for them.

K. Dobbie & S. MacLeod

Principal/Vice Principal

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MacLeod, StephanieWeekly Update- May 10-14th, 2021