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Weekly Update- January 18- 22, 2021






                                                                                                            Sara Westbrook


Our hearts are filled with gratitude for everyone’s continued support during remote learning! We want to acknowledge how challenging the move to online learning is for everyone ~ staff, students, and families. We are grateful to our staff for the many extra hours of work they put in to create engaging and relevant content for the online environment. We are grateful to our students for showing up and demonstrating their own resiliency in learning this new way, and to all of our families who support their children any way that they can to keep the learning happening!

Student Attendance

During this period of remote learning, we continue to promote regular attendance, as it is important for students to remain engaged in their learning so they can stay on top of the curriculum and feel more connected to their peers while our school is closed. 

As noted in PPM 164: Requirements for Remote Learning, schools are required to take daily student attendance throughout the period of remote learning.

Attendance will be taken twice daily: once in the morning and again after lunch. If your child is not able to attend or participate in remote learning on any given day, please report his or her absence, as you typically would during in-person learning through the SchoolMessenger Safe Arrival System:

We will be following our usual process of contacting parents and guardians when student absences are not reported. 

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Now, more than ever, ongoing communication between home and school is key to your child’s success and well-being. 

Accessing Your Child’s Online Learning Platform

Our School Board has revamped its website and we hope you had the opportunity to check it out! If you are having trouble accessing the log-in page to the online learning platforms using the new HCDSB website, the access points for all three learning platforms – D2L (Brightspace),  Office 365 and Google Classroom, are available on the main page of the Board’s website and also on the HCDSB Learn at Home link.

Advanced New Registrations for 2021-2022 School Year

To facilitate planning for the 2021-2022 school year, we encourage all families intending to register new children at St. Mary School (including Kindergarten registrations) by following the guideline posted on the front page of our website: New Registrations 2021-22 School Year. Online registrations are now open. In-person registrations (bringing in your documents) will take place once schools re-open. We need to follow Public Health protocols during COVID-19 and will share more information on when you can book an appointment to bring in your documents once we return face-to-face.

Health and Physical Education Curriculum in a Remote Learning Setting

Please see the attached document regarding information and a checklist for parents/guardians whose child/ren will be participating in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum in a Remote Learning setting.

Elementary Curricular Medical

St. Mary Tips

I’m very excited to announce my 21 day journal and mindful meditation challenge. Each
morning for 21 days you will receive an email with your daily journal question and a short list
of meditation links that you can choose from. The goal is to write for 5 minutes on your
question and do your meditation – that’s it!
My son Kai (age 8), my husband George and my mum Linda will be joining us. Please invite
your children, students, friends, colleagues and family members to participate in the
challenge by forwarding this email to them (all questions are child friendly).
Starting a new habit can be challenging. Our brains are wired to repeat the habits we feel
comfortable doing.
Creating a habit is like exercising a muscle – the more effort you put in – the stronger it gets.
Some days will feel harder than others. It may be tempting to skip a day, especially when
things are busy or stressful.
Here are some benefits of journaling and meditation to encourage you to keep going:

  1. Improved emotional and mental well-being
  2. Enhanced mindfulness
  3. Increased self-confidence and self-identity
  4. Boost in happiness
    Stuff You Need to Know
    Start Date:
    Tuesday January 19
    How to Join:
    Please send an email to saying, ‘I’m in. Excited to get started.’
    You will need:
    A blank journal/notebook to enter your questions and answers.
    Tips for Success:
     Schedule a time each day for journaling. Picking a time will help make it a habit.
     Set a timer for 5 minutes while you are journaling to help hold you accountable
    to writing for that length of time.
     Your meditation doesn’t have to be perfect to be helpful – maybe your kids will
    start talking and there may be noises from hustle and bustle in your home – it’s
    Sara Westbrook – Professional Speaker – Emotional Resilience Strategist

We continue to draw on our faith and offer prayers for the safety and well-being of those who are sick and those who are working on the frontlines to care for them.

K. Dobbie & S. MacLeod

Principal/Vice Principal

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Dobbie, KarenWeekly Update- January 18- 22, 2021